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  1. I have to disagree with the statement that Engineers are a dime a dozen, and I find it hard to believe Engineers will have a harder time to land a job within 6 months of graduation, even with the internship programs some Industrial design schools offer, there simply isn't as much a demand for Industrial designers vs Mechanical Engineers. My graduating class in ME is close to 100% in the field after graduation. I have respect for the field of industrial design but when industrial designers try explain that their job is as difficult or important as a mechanical engineer, that's when I get a little defensive. It is the Engineers who program and design the parts and software that makes the smart phones work, make the planes fly and bridges stay up. Just because Engineers are technical professionals doesn't mean they cannot or should not focus on form for ergonomics, user experience and making things look attractive, Engineers do that everyday. There are more Engineers because no matter what there is a much much larger demand for Mechanical Engineers because they make products work. But Industrial design is super important too as is shown in the case of Apple. But Steves Jobs himself have said, Design is about how things work not how they look. And this is my personal view, a professionally educated Mechanical Engineer with a good design sense is more valuable than an Industrial designer with a good mechanical sense because there is just much more involved in making a product work. I have run into mechanical Engineers who have no taste in design and simply enjoy crunching numbers which boggles my mind as an Engineer myself. I believe good taste in design is innate and not something that can be taught, while technical skills and laws of physics must be taught and studied,. Also, art is subjective and science is not. I recommend getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering degree and work on your own sense of design. Most product firms need Engineers who have good design sense, not Industrial designers telling Engineers what a product should look like.
  2. retrospec

    'pik Me' Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Thanks guys. Do you guys have any suggestions of where and how to market these guys? Besides having the website made, I'm not quite sure where I can market these to sell them.
  3. ‘PiK ME’ is a set of hand made porcelain salt and pepper shakers that I designed myself. Resembling enthusiastic kids, these little guys are constantly fighting for your attention to pick one over the other. Guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your dinner table. I have made a website for them that you can purchase them at: http://www.osdesignstore.com/

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