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    Capture The Emotion

    Well, the response to our first week of competition was fantastic, with over 100 entries. We will announce the winners very soon. For now though, just a reminder that the competiton is still very much GO! The current keyword is "LIQUID". You have until the 29th September to post your entries on the wall at http://www.facebook.com/CarDesignPage if you want to have a chance of collecting some of the prizes. Good luck! And dont forget to read the submission guidelines before posting. --------------------------------------- CAPTURE THE EMOTION - DESIGN COMPETITION Arranged by http://www.facebook.com/CarDesignPage & http://www.designertechniques.com Sponsored by http://www.designsketching.com & http://www.sketch-a-day.com ---------------------------------------
  2. melonball

    Capture The Emotion

    The start date of the ‘Capture The Emotion' design competition for students has arrived. We've had some great fun picking the keywords for you over the past couple of weeks. To give you a brief preview into the themes that will be used in this competition and to give you guys some time to prepare: soft, aeronautic, aggressive, electric, liquid, humanoid and animal are all words that will be used over the next eight weeks. However, to concentrate on today's launch keyword, over the next week (16th - 22nd September) we want you to submit truck design sketches about the word 'NEW'. You have until the 22nd September to post them on the wall at http://www.facebook.com/CarDesignPage if you want to have a chance of collecting some of the prizes. Good luck! And dont forget to read the submission guidelines before posting. --------------------------------------- CAPTURE THE EMOTION - DESIGN COMPETITION Arranged by http://www.facebook.com/CarDesignPage & http://www.designertechniques.com Sponsored by http://www.designsketching.com & http://www.sketch-a-day.com ---------------------------------------
  3. melonball

    Capture the Emotion

    CAPTURE THE EMOTION (DESIGN COMPETITION, sponsored by www.designsketching.com & www.sketch-a-day.com) Competition arranged by www.facebook.com/CarDesignPage Are you interested in design sketching? Can you capture the essence of words & phrases in a sketch? Well, CarDesign facebook page, the authors of Learning Curves, DesignerTechniques.com & Sketch-A-Day.com have teamed together, to launch a new sketch competition for students entitled ‘Capture The Emotion’. The competition starts on the 16th of September 2013, and runs until the 10th of November, with a winner chosen every week. INTRODUCTION The idea behind the competition is simple, we want you to design a truck (heavy goods vehicle) using keywords to influence your design. We will publish the keywords over an eight week period on www.fb.com/CarDesignPage and each week there will be a different one. All you have to do is design a truck that captures the essence of each keyword. Each week a winner will be chosen, and at the end of the 8 weeks, one of these winners will be chosen to be the overall grand prize winner. Prizes include copies of the book Learning Curves, Sketch-a-Day T-Shirts, a Wacom Pro and the opportunity to have your design folio reviewed by Kristofer Hansen, the head of design at Scania Trucks. As with any competition though the details are important, so be sure to read on to find out how you can be a winner! SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS For full details on the rules and deliverables go to www.DesignerTechniques.com/. To give you a brief overview of them; when submitting your entries remember these important points. Each entry must be submitted as a JPEG 2000 x 1200 pixels in size. You must post your entries to the CarDesign facebook newsfeed that will be accessible from the 16th September 2013. Each entry must contain a side view of your design sketched over the vehicle package available at www.cardesignpage.com/package.pdf or at www.designertechniques.com/. Each entry must also contain a key sketch view of your own choice of your design. (E.g. Front quarter view). In your presentation, include the keyword your truck design is based on. You can use any medium you feel comfortable with; Pencil, Biro, Marker, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, it’s all good. However, we are not asking you to produce CAD models. We have some cool prizes to give to the weekly and an overall winner so happy sketching! ------------------- 'Capture The Emotion' sponsored by www.designsketching.com & www.sketch-a-day.com ------------------- Download high resolution poster here: http://www.cardesignpage.com/capture-the-emotion-print-poster.jpg -------------------
  4. melonball

    Design Books Recommendations

    At the risk of being forward just wanted to chip in with the new book "Learning Curves" from myself (Allan Macdonald) and Klara Sjölen (co-author of Design Sketching). Our aim was to create a book that will show you the techniques for learning to sketch (including the ones we used ourselves). The idea being that you can use and expand on these techniques as suits your own skills, and goals. You can read a short review right here on productdesignhub, and of course you can visit our website at www.designsketching.com. Also, if anyone has any questions or wants to know more about the book, then of course feel free to drop me a mail directly on learningcurves@designertechniques.com
  5. melonball

    Design Competitions

    Hi everybody, Just wanted to let you all know that www.designertechniques.com has launched their third design competition. With a whole selection of prizes from letraset (including a good selection of their Tria markers) as well as author signed copies of DesignSketching. The winners will also have their work featured in commercial motor magazine. Perhaps the best prize though is that the winner will be invited to send their entire portfolio to Kristofer Hansen, Design Chief at Scania Design, for some personal feedback advice and guidance. As you may have guessed the brief involves designing a truck (lorry, HGV, wagon or Big Rig depending on where you live). Apart from that the brief is pretty open. Hope its of interest, and we look forward to seeing your entries!! The closing date is 31st March 2009, so get over to www.designertechniques.com to find out more. Cheers
  6. DesignerTechniques has recently re launched its website with a fresh new look. If you have not visited before, it is a good resource for rendering tutorials. Aimed mainly at the automotive design world, it still may be of interest to some people here. You can find the site at www.designertechniques.com We are also interested in hearing from professional artists or designers who may be interested in contributing an article or tutorial. If you are interested then you can contact me at allan@designertechniques.com
  7. I find my career as an automotive designer very interesting. I am currently a truck designer for Scania trucks in sweden. Big products!! The thing i enjoy about the career is that it gives the opportunity to design a wide range of different things. Headlamps, seat, keys, steering wheels, entire interiors, entire exteriors, wing mirrors, in vehicle telephones etc. etc. You can see a little of the techniques used (at least for entire exterior and interior design) at www.designertechniques.com
  8. Of course when designing in the "real world" then you have to think about the reality of what you are designing. If the battery for example does not fit into your design, then it will not work...and wont be built. When it comes to the idea however that designing something that due to its size has to have a small battery, and therfor talk time....well. This is probably more an issue that is handed to the designer from the marketing dept. They may be willing for example to market a low talk time phone in exchange for the slim line modern aesthetic. If not....then the designer will be told, and the design will change. When it comes to pure speculative sketches however, it is a designers job to envisage the future. What could a phone look like if this or that was possible? By doing this they can find where they would like to take the future aesthetic of a product. This in turn can give direction to the engineering dept...who can then find ways to make this possible. This is how progress is made after all!
  9. melonball

    Intous3 Or Cintiq 21ux ?

    At the end of the day i dont think you will regret either choice. I will add to some thoughts about the Cintiq though. I also use one at work and have found that although the rotation the screen gives is good for natural sketching....the paralex correction does not adjust itself to whatever new angle you are looking at the screen. You get used to it after a while though. Also, dont think you will ever be lifting it off its stand and using it on your lap. Its just to heavy at the moment.....not to mention the massive cable connecting it to the PC. Having said that, these are just some thoughts....given the choice i would always take the Cintiq. It works.....and looks cool to boot (and makes the engineers jealous!!) For help on learning the skills and techniques of automotive design, visit, www.designertechniques.com
  10. Of course all of the above mentioned things are important. Creativity, problem solving etc. etc. It is however also important in my opinion NOT to think...ah...ok i am not the greatest sketcher, then give up. A designer who can sketch is virtually aways going to win over one who cannot in an interview. I cannot speak for product design (i am an automotive designer) but i have never met a designer who cannot draw. Sure, some may choose to work mainly in some kind of CAD application, but at the end of the day they can still draw. No CAD application will let you throw down tens or even hundreds of different design ideas in half an hour! This is where creativity usually starts. A designer who can sketch can exlplore countless ideas in a day. As different and as wild as he or she pleases. When it comes to being the designer whos idea gets picked this is important. You can never be fully sure what it is your design boss is looking for. If you put up a couple of well designed, well thought out design solutions from CAD, and the guy next to you is pinning up 100 equally well thought out design solutions, the simple odds say that the boss will find what he is looking for from your team mate. He has had more time to try different things, explore different creative avenues and solutions.... In short.....in my opinion, being a designer who cannot draw is not really a feasable route. I agree whith the comments above though. After only one year sketching you may not be happy with what you are drawing. Do not give up though. Try looking at what you drew one year ago and compare it to what you draw now. If you can see an improvement then its OK. Just keep practicing....and force yourself to practice perspective. It might be painfull at first......but i guess it wasnt any different when you learned to ride a bike. I also suggest that you spend some of your time drawing objects from real life. This will help you learn and understand perspective.....without having to think up an interesting design at the same time. For help on learning the skills and techniques of automotive design, visit, www.designertechniques.com
  11. melonball

    Tutorials Site: Designer Techniques

    Good to hear that news is spreading of the new www.designertechniques.com site You all may be interested to know that there is now a design competition on the site, with 150USD as one of the prizes.

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