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  1. Do I even need a portfolio if I am not applying to ID positions? I was having a hard time finding ways to get work at design firms in the past. Looking back as an undergraduate I just don't have enough design experience. If I am only applying to mechanical engineering jobs, is it essential to have a portfolio? I can't find work now in these areas, and I am thinking of going back to school for something that does not require design work since I can't find any positions as-is.
  2. Hello, I graduated ~ one year ago w/ a BS from UMassAmherst. I did my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, but most of my out of classroom experience was w/ IT. My goal is to gain an internship or apprenticeship / entry level position w/ a design firm. I have a portfolio here: http://www.coroflot.com/aaimua I am currently working at a startup in a design and project managing capacity, and I perform testing on part samples as well. But I want to do more along the lines of large scale design work. What are some of the things that I can do to boost and organize my portfolio? Is it acceptable to post extracurricular projects, or updates to senior capstone work? I didn't do a lot of design work when I was in IT, and now I have some very limited mechanical mounting work that I do. How can I gain more experience on the side?
  3. Ha ha ha, well I understand how to lay things out visually and a little about sketching. All my sketching just comes from personal brainstorming / visualizing and is completely self taught. On my project team the SODIS device was my idea, so we did designs and calculations around the concept. I am working on improving my CAD, programming and test data abilities, because those are the areas that I work on in my current placement. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Thanks for your input! My degree is in mechanical engineering, and I am looking for the opportunity to do more with consumer electronics (so electromechanical knowledge and integrated software), as well as with industrial design. I have talked to some senior engineers who recommend that I get an internship or junior position at a design firm. These job ads and interviews vary greatly from what I am used to - technical questions / competencies, and I am looking to expand my portfolio for interview purposes as well. Thank you very much for your advice. Those CAD images are just screenshots from the PC that I was using. I have a question - if I have done more research / work with a capstone design project, is it appropriate to add that to a portfolio without contacting my former teammates? Thank you for the advice on sketching technique. I have been spending some time here: http://www.designsketching.com/ and am going to purchase their introductory books. Are there any online resources that I could use to improve my design / sketching as well?

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