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  1. Hey guys, im 18 just got out fresh from High School. Been drawing since i can remember and it all started with Japanese Anime. After playing games like Gran Turismo which i really enjoy, i decided to draw cars. Now i haven't been drawing as much for a while now (almost 2 year i think? -.-) Anyways, i just started again and i really plan to improve because right now im not very competent with software like Photoshop. All i have with me is a paper, pencil and Microsoft Paint. I've been suggested by my friends to get programs like AutoCAD and Lightwave 3D to add spice to my sketches, are these learner friendly? Anyways, This is my interpretation of a Ford F150. 1st a quick sketch on paper, then i scan onto the computer and polish the sketch with Paint: Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 And now my other creation, BMW Aero: Stage 1 In 2 flavors:

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