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  1. Do any designers here cross over into conceptual art/para design/ art as self expression I am close to completing such a project. It comprises of an unlit classic incandescent lamp imprinted on it is the text " I am reading the lamp by the light of the book" This unlit suspended lamp sits above a light object of laminated ply led flat panels with a semi translucent solid surface material. It is to entice someone to see the text and get close enough to read it when they read the text the situation is both literal and ironic. Hence the title "the irony booklight" I am looking for comment and to find out how many other designers cross- over into art for self expression
  2. What does it do is it a gearbox?
  3. idesign1

    Elm Wood Furniture

    beutifull, so detailed, perfect mate. very clever stuff. You are a designer Almost Shaker and thats a compliment!
  4. idesign1

    Strolletor: Futuristic Stroller

    Hey nice renderings! kinda looks coll but inpractical. Did you consider how it should fold up to a practical size to ride on a bus or train. Did you consider how hot it would get inside? even with the top off, there would be a thermal mass in the plastic which would have to be compensated by constantly rearanging the bedding.
  5. How do we see it Jason?
  6. idesign1

    Oled Lamp Design Competition

    Not sure if there is a specific forum here for competitions. But anyway.... There is an International Design Competition run by 'designboom' for LG. utilising OLED light panels for lamp designs if anyone is interested http://www.designboom.com/competition/oled-lighting-international-design-competition/ Cheers
  7. idesign1

    Project Advice : Outdoor Night Light

    Wow thats vague! I am sure there would be help if you were forthcomming with intellegence.
  8. idesign1

    Ethic Design: Traffic Lights Redesign

    Hi sounds like a cultural thing to me. Wow massive project probably PHD material. How much do you know about traffic light cameas which automatically take pics of the number plates of non compliers, which get fined. Cheers
  9. idesign1

    My Finnished (Well Allmost) Recliner

    Hi Vander I accept you view that you think the legs clash with the lounge platform . However peer review did not come up with that "elegant, seemless interface" was a common response from the pier review and the judges for the international furniture design competition where it has been shortlised for final judging and exhibiting in feb in Sydney. In so far as the "pinch point" there is not one: A, The 'Cusion is padded foam with either a leather cover or polyutethane coating. Final treatment to be determined. B, As you will see in the attached images the foam is a profile cut, (shown on a flat surface as it comes off the cutting machine) the edges of which (the distance between the individual "cusions") will become parallel with a gap of 8mm when nested on the curvilinear platform. If that is considered a pinch piont it would have the impact< that of getting your finger caught under the armpit of a favorite cuddly toy, lol. The cusion does not conform to the profile of the platform but modifies it to a more ergonomic solution. The Aesthetics of which was heavily investigated that being the most pleasing option we could come up with and are happy with. Appreciate you time and comments Sorry for the formatting but it is a bit clitchy Regards Steved
  10. idesign1

    Fw3011 Carbon Racing Sleigh

    Now if you had thought of an evil looking bat with antlers.................................................................I think you may have been in with a chance he he he
  11. idesign1

    Tv Cabinet

    Hi, for what it is worth I have always found it so stupid that we buy the thinnest tv sets only to put them on a 400mm deep tv stand, especially in the confinds of a yatch fit out. I think that model is redundent now. If you were to come up with somthing new it should be "what can a TV stand now be" given the present state of technolgy. As far as the models I saw of yours .....well they are arbitry and not really responding to any reaserch that an industrial designer would do. The secret in industrial design is .............. do LOTS of research, until you find a problem with the preseant state of things in context.................Find a problem with the status quo...............fix the problem ( Finding a problem or making one to solve is, THE designers best friend) by thoughtfull design, taking into acount appropriate technologies. The parralellagram concept I saw.................another law.........sometimes trying to make something look clever, seldom is.Keep it simple. Another law: Why are little kids and dogs so apealing.... They never try to impress they just are........ Cheers And good luck, guys
  12. You may find this interesting, it is a (kinda self replicating) 3d printer that you can build vertually for free designed by developers (Academics) in the UK. You can get parts for your 3 D printer build from others that have allready built one and will print out a part for you and you pass on the favor. It has a credit system Pretty amazing Project called "rep rap" http://news.softpedia.com/news/The-Auto ... 2825.shtml
  13. idesign1

    Fw3011 Carbon Racing Sleigh

    Where's the white beard, can't cover Santa's beard and landmark white pom pom ...........................................................WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!! Cheers LOL
  14. idesign1

    Blow Me!

    Done some quik math. The amount of energy required to compensate for the downward force on the front "air multyplier" on initiation of an emergency stop, would be about the force of a harrier jump jet, at least in the first few milliseconds! and no time to "spool up" It would require INSTANTANIOUS...... MAX.......MASSIVE power, just to keep the thing horizontal when you hit the brakes. The basic physical premise is rubbish. But the skills requuired to sell such an improbality is clear. Most design institutions give "what if breifs" all the time! Great work man! Latest thought I did not factor in primary inertia gryscopes, perhaps? Hmmmm? Maybe a "ride by wire" (as opposed to fly by wire) management system Hmmmm? Definately!

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