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    I'm wondering why nobody commented on this? I like it and I think it has some great potentional. Do you have plans to put it on the market? Otherwise, mail me and I could give you some info in how I could help you. This is no scam or anything like that, I just finished school and O have an idea to start up a company, but I need product designers! dominiquetorfs@gmail.com
  2. Domi


    Hi guys! As you can see I'm new here. I don't do product design (I wish I could), I'm a junior art director. I'm from Belgium and very interested in product design, the stuff you guys do here . I've noticed that the most of you have some realy good ideas, but the execution needs some work (in wich I mean the logo and the way you're "selling" it to the people. What if there was some kind of team that helped people like yourselves to make a nice logo an lay-out and so on and then try to sell your idea to a big brand? That's why I'm here, I just want to help some of you to make your dreams come true. I'm new to this as well but I realy would like to try! Grtz!

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