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  1. jags111

    Online Resources List

    Hello Just thought will also have some interesting design sites that we keep visiting often for History articles and titbits- expos, exhibitions and events related to design http://www.designboom.com/eng/ http://www.designtaxi.com/ http://www.productdesignresources.com/ http://www.idesignthinking.com/main.html http://en.red-dot.org/product-design.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_design Thanks
  2. jags111


    Hai I thought I will add the new lists: http://twitter.com/jags111 I have also created a list to follow ID topics. @jags111/Product-Design Great with the hash tag and very useful There are many lists that are connected with design and it will be nice to collate them all.. @rtdesign/industrial-designers @DREAMWALLS/designers @reBang/industrial-design @juhov/id @tiffanywan/industrialdesign-twibe @Ryan_McG/design @Kavism/design @efonseca/design @bonnievantastic/design-world @designdroplets/industrial-design @TomAllenDesign/industrialdesign @andreitaQC/industrial-designers @reBang/industrial-design More in the making.. Hope it helps JAGS
  3. Further you can view some SAN moulded articles as collected from web. The shell is made of Polymer San plastic using an exclusive bi-injection technique, and may either be transparent or matt with glossy fi nishes, available in seven different colours. ( Made by Alivar SRL) JAGS
  4. Mostly all SS vessels are spinned and finished to a high polish. Even lamp shades some times are made by spinning. Spinning can really provide you the solution that you look for. Select the right grade SS for the application.It should provide a neat job. Another variation to this is called flow forming. Flowforming, also known as flowturning, is an advanced form of spinning. It is based on a predetermined reduction of the thickness of a starting blank or preform. The reduction is closely controlled, which results in a very uniform or precisely varied wall thickness in the finished part. Flowforming is an excellent method for forming stainless and heat-resistant steels because the ductility and tensile strength of these materials are ideal for this cold extrusion process. This process produces parts that are round in cross section, but may be straight-sided cones or cylinders, contoured shapes, or combinations of the above. Hope this helps JAGS
  5. Mostly these clear materials if injection moulding is the process can be SAN.. SAN has this clear and lustrous properties. Incase you need to do short volume or batches then you need to look in to clear cast polyester resins using the RTV silicone moulds. PC also can provide a good lustrous finish and can be moulded by Injection moulding. Keep in mind the High finish on the tooling that is involved to get real glossy looks. JAGS
  6. jags111

    Aesthetic-usability Effect

    Product Aesthetics- User centered Emotive design- Usability and aesthetics are well researched and a lot of articles highlighting the same are on the net. Some links worth looking at: Don Norman's JND Emotional design PRODUCT DESIGN,SEMANTICS AND EMOTIONAL PD,SEMANTICS...... Desirability Design Some of the articles are deep and through with their approach to value coding the aesthetics and arriving at conclusions that could be a measure and evaluation to the aesthetic experience in Design.
  7. Here are my thoughts on a crazy design Just that the client thought he needed a design just like changing a shirt. Just thought he can get away with cosmetics and old wine in a new bottle Just thought he can wringle a new design by cost squeeze Just played the customers wish list without having the consequence in mind Did bad process flow metamorphing into quality issues Become overzealous about ones product for a long life cycle and just doing the overhaul for the sake of it. Just push the New product into existing infrastructure. certainly there are many issues that make the case for a design to suffer and cause untold miseries for a new generation to be born... Certainly the most affecting factor - Be it the reimbursement for design and a justification for it. We always have a saying in our design circles.. get what you pay for ! Thanks JAGS
  8. jags111

    Collaboration Among Designers

    Hai all, Further to my last post I wanted to bring to your attention about a project that works similar in nature attempted and the module seems interesting. I would like to quote from the site its working: THE-SIGNERS -Designers network for sharing The-signers is a multidisciplinary creative community formed by designers, architects, creative and artists, where the members living in different cities all over the world, collaborate and interchange their own working projects or some part of them, so that is easy to sign international design projects. WHAT MAKES THE-SIGNERS DIFFERENT The members of The-signers can use 100% free all the features of a Social Network or Virtual Community: personal profile, forums, groups, events, photos, videos, blogs, chat, etc ... with the only condition that content is related to design, architecture, art or creativity. But what makes The-signers different is the vocation of COLLABORATION AND INTERCHANGE BETWEEN DESIGNERS. The-signers is born to be a community formed by designers, for designers, where the collaboration and the interchange is a reality. ____________________________________ Members are called in by invitation and share projects.. Hope some of you can use this facility also. Thanks JAGS
  9. jags111


    Nature and its form has had a great impact with designers trying to emulate , theorise and metamorph natural forms , its repetition, its mass production techniques, its succession and evolution all have find meanings in to the way we work, learn, play and design. Biomimicry even though coined recently as a special branching to study them in details it could be considered one of the ancient tricks used by man to mass produce and repeat elements he found in his technological advancements. We are still groping to find the eternal solution to the magic that Nature weaves in its myriad of forms and systems and the way it maintains the cost equilibrium.. I was always enthralled with nature as supplier of new facts and systems that began to use several methods learned by studying them even to the extent of imitating Nature to find new answers to practical life problems, Markets and new ideas. We did this by duplicating some of the natural forms present to act as new variants and see what order can come about. Mandelbrot theories, Escher research into the forms and repeats we find many examples that tried to decode the unknown mystery behind How nature duplicates and variates and see some fantastic hope that can pave way for a New design process that could be error free.. It is quest all through mankind and history to see beyond what it can see thru its eyes.. "Mindseye" that is where we need to focus to get to some observation of its processes and bahaviour that could be emulated to be called Nature born design theories.
  10. jags111

    Design And Business

    Hai all, My point is business survives by good design and vice versa... A business entity uses that to advantage with a acute marketing flair is able to make success of their product. There are several business models that focus entirely with design as a theme or a statement for their business goals for success or success mantra. They are making a statement tot eh market that their focus is so. They may say so with their price tags and limited editions or custom designs to solve a specific user group or profile. There are also models where designer himself plays the role of a business entrepreneur and marketeer to bring products that he has a passion for. The success lies in his role for the same as a businessman and his understanding of the experienced markets.. If you have to tools to do it such a model can bring rich dividends,money and fame.. several case studies exist to prove the same.. Then there are a group of businesses that rely on duplicating success firm a existing market model and would like to use design as tool to achieve the means and they are the ones to use tried and tested models and duplicate product success models by bring in variants that address or refine user perceptions. It is classic case where success leads to mutation and mutation in every form of business, design and markets to gain a share of the pie. Very limited are cases when design innovation and new ideas become the core to market success as a business model and invariable funds or finance becomes the issue that can hamper the progress or success. But in certain markets that could be the way for survival to compensate for competition and market share... These were certain issues that came as I read this. Thanks JAGS
  11. jags111

    Design Tools

    Very Interesting website yours and was nice to see a good representation of skill sets and methodolgy practiced.. Design methodology has a lot of bearing in the kind of tools used by a professional and design context has also has a very big influence on the method employed to solve a problem.. Mostly in Design strategies a Designer can use multiple methods to arrive at solutions some tangible and some intangible.. and tools only aid to this extent to get to the result faster and better and vary according to time of design execution... Again I would also refer to the situation wherein within a designers domain problems define the methods and end results.. Good exploration JAGS
  12. jags111

    Designer For Led-lamp

    What I felt you should add some basic design brief and a link for all the technical fundamentals of the LED lamps and provide some insights into the kind of design ideas that you may look for in the product to give some lead to the mindsets and also open it out here as suggested by George to open it to designers to come with solutions that can be as a open forum project of sorts and take it from there.. Also I think the forum is a place if people want newer ideas then it should also be the place where they should add some technical backups or provide some kind of returns for the topic to be some real exchange and provide a boost for new talent. Add your research data in to identify and define the problem area better. JAGS
  13. Thermochromatic is the name.. It means the colors change ata specific temperature window. There are thermochromatic pigments that change in cold temperatures meaning between 0-15*c and those that change at Body temperature and those that change at 45*C meaning for hot.. You can design a pigment that changes ata a specific interval of 5-10*C using these master batches - But the windows are restricted. Depending on the application intended one can use special master batches for different polymers and injection mould or blow mould components that can be called thermochromic or thermo-chromatic products. There are several sources for supply of the master batches and it could be that the pigments are costly. One can load anywhere from 2% to 5 % to obtain the correct saturation levels in color. In Thermochromatics you see colors change from one color to another in the specified temperature indicating a trigger at the temperature.. Like in a moulded coffee cup when you pour Hot coffee the color changes to indicate it is Hot.. Hope you get the idea.. Incase you need specialised info on these lines Please update JAGS
  14. PC clear sheets, extruded translucent as well as opaque sheets are used in roof lite applications and also as structural products and they are used for the special property that it stands under UV. UV stabilisors can be added and exact exposure rating can be done through a weatherability test. Lexan is a commercial PC brand that has a lot of end use and catalogued. Please look up the same. JAGS
  15. You can try different types of Non wovens and membranes used in the filter industry which will allow liquid to pass through and can be available in different thickness for your study JAGS

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