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  1. dannsalik

    What Software Are Toy Designers Using?

    agree with above post, Rhino3d and Zbrush great for designing toys..
  2. dannsalik

    Garden Furniture 02

    really awesome... Color is eye catching and decent .
  3. dannsalik

    Which Is The Best Software For Logo Making ?

    Thanks IceCalibre.
  4. dannsalik

    Next Steps In Furniture Design

    is your site is E-commerce?? if is it, then promote it at social networking and bookmarking sites, your earning automatically starts.
  5. Hi, Dann here, I'm new in the designing field. I want to make a logo and really i don't know which software is best for my this purpose?? My friends suggest me (Coral Draw version12).. Please help me to choosing a good designing software for logo making purpose ?? Looking for replies ..
  6. Hi, good.. Product design ranges from furniture, electronics, lighting, tools, toys, and general everyday objects. its some design for you and beneficial for your future.... thanks
  7. dannsalik


    Hi to all, I'm Dann from NY, I'm also newbie here, really very glad to join this forum community. Hope for the best time here. Looking for your reviews.?

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