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  1. Please ANSWER my question guys it`s under forums , question for all designers ? :(

  2. Please ANSWER my question guys it`s under forums , question for all designers ? :(

  3. Julienne Bernstein

    Research Question For All Designers

    Hey I`m Julienne and I have a theory document that I have to write about . . And what better and faster way to get answers as from designers on this site . The document we have to write about has a main topic which is (How semi conscious people interact with products)So we each had to come up with our own topic because the area is so big . . . But what I need from you peeps is to answer the following question as fast as possible without thinking to hard and keep your answers short : When you push the ON button on a kettle how do you expect the kettle to respond to show you that it is actually ON and WORKING?
  4. Julienne Bernstein


    Hey guys . . . My name is Julienne and I am a female industrial design student from South Africa , and in this topic of introduction it seems like I am the only female hehe , but what am I talking about because I am in my final year and we are only 2 girls in a class of 10 people.So I am use to it now . . .I would probably get my profile going sooner than later , but at the moment life is so hectic with our final project . . 6 months left and what to do after that , well I don`t actually know ? Kind regards J
  5. be sure to watch my story on how ID changed my life


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