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  1. Hey Product Designers! I'm a third year industrial design major at San Jose State. Thus far, the core curriculum has involved visualization and foundation courses aimed at developing form. Projects like the "rocket car" are really great! There's an IDSA chapter on campus that assigns mentors to students. I'm curious to know if there are any other ID majors who can shed light on their expereinces in the field?
  2. HI, My name is Michael. I've been a design enthusiast for years and was recently admitted to the Industrial Design program at SJSU. I've been considering majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in Business Marketing. I'm seeking advice from designers who are currently employed in the field, or students who are traveling this road as well. Looking at the figures, the average salary for an Industrial Designer in San Jose, CA is 98,000/yr., while the average income w/ a degree in Business Marketing is 99,716/yr. I'm curious to know, from those who have traveled this road, what is the job market really like? Would you say most jobs are freelance or are you hired directly through the company? Is there a struggle to find employment? Please tell of your experience in this field. I very much appreciate the advice!!!

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