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  1. Amjad Khan

    New Year New Portfolio - All Reviews Welcome

    When it come to a portfolio its a case of showing some nice considered images. But like I said before you have to show your skill set. When you say your designs come out randomly I disagree. Lets take your glue project for instance. Those images are explicit in what your aim was with that project. You clearly wanted to re-establish how glue is used for a particular demographic. There is no need for loads of research here as the images are enough to show what you wanted to accomplish from the project. NB. No research need for this one. I would say showing your though process is alot more important. How did you get to where you are with the end result and why? (research would come into this). This is a great deal harder to get right, and its down to you to show this. Some of my projects required so much analysis and thinking that its virtually impossible to get my thought process across until interview/meeting stage. I would take a break from folio work. Maybe 2-4 weeks, sit back and relax and not even think about it. Then go back and have a fresh look at it. Ask yourself is it communicating what you want it to. Ask friends, family, colleagues for their opinion. People not in design, and ask them to tell you what they think your project is about. Don't settle with those are some nice images. Ask them straight up. What is this project about?! Hope the above helps.
  2. Amjad Khan

    New Year New Portfolio - All Reviews Welcome

    No worries, anytime. It doesn't matter if you have work related to it. Its not a "problem" its an opportunity. If you have no work that is related, create some. Design something that you know will show off those specific skills. But not just for the sake of it. Make sure that those projects are just as good as your previous ones. I think the new entries will be a good idea. You need to show any potential employer your whole skill set and what you are capable of. There is no point in creating a portfolio which only shows that you're only good at one thing- you're shooting yourself in the foot before you've even sent off that application! I have work in my portfolio which is pure PS or Illustrator- stuff that I have done in my spare time. It shows you actually enjoy using the packages and have fun along the way. Am I right in thinking you model in Solid Works then take it into Key Shot, Maxwell or Vray?
  3. Amjad Khan

    New Year New Portfolio - All Reviews Welcome

    Hi, Great work! Some varied projects. I personally would like to see more sketches. Also maybe show some more PS and Illustrator skills. I really like the glue project- nicely done. Also, maybe keep all images consistent- size and resolution. Just out of curiosity what packages do you use for your 3d rendering?
  4. Amjad Khan

    Pd Graduate Folio Review Please

    Buff- Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. I do agree with you in terms of the convergence of product design and forms of engineering and in the "real world" product designers and engineers work closely together or do both jobs. I can solve problems and I do solve problems. If that is not communicated clearly though my design work I need to address the issue as soon as possible. I completed a year of engineering with product design foundation and decided to do a BA HONS as opposed to a BSc in product design, as I enjoyed the creative and social aspect of design. However I recently stripped down a washing machine to replace a seal that was leaking and that was enjoyable. I have a great deal to offer most design establishments. Im not a fresh faced student who has just stepped out of university. I have worked hard and have always worked hard and will continue doing so. I am hungry for success with the industry. If you ask me to solve a problem...I assure you I will. Interview me...what have you got to lose? AJ
  5. Amjad Khan

    Pd Graduate Folio Review Please

    Hello Kind Sirs and Madams I have recently graduated with a 2.1 degree in Product Design (BA HONS). I have been applying to job after job and have realized that the current economic climate is not ideal for graduates. However I thought some feedback would only be beneficial. I am open to harsh criticism and pointers. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Here is the link to my site: http://amjadproductdesigner.weebly.com/ Regards AJ
  6. Amjad Khan

    New Design Magazine

    You can sign up online. I did so yesterday. Cost me £39 for the year as a student. Regards Amjad
  7. Amjad Khan

    New Technology (final Year Minor Project)

    Yes thats excellent! I will keep looking around. Will these fairs be available online. Im based in the UK. I tend to hate this part of projects but as soon as i spot something i will go full speed!
  8. Hi guys. Has been a while since i have posted on here. I have recently entered into my final year of my Product Design degree. I need your help. My minor project is currently underway. It is a self written brief. The overall theme is new technologies and innovation within consumer electronics. I am looking at new innovations and aiming to implement them into some sort of electronic device. Not just an aesthetic improvement but a genuine benefit to the consumer. The innovations do not have to be directly linked to consumer electronics, just something innovative and out there! If you could please keep your eyes open for new innovations or seen something interested or have suggestions for sites and current trend could you please forward the relevant information. I would appreciate it massively. My e-mail: a-khan08@hotmail.com
  9. Amjad Khan

    Cellphone Design: Synthesis

    [/fontCan somebody tell me how i can render like this on photoshop! the visuals are really amazing. Back to the guys project. I feel that sometimes people are too critical when looking at pieces of work here. This guys visuals, that have only been done on photoshop are breathtaking. Good enough for a marketing campaign IMO! Its sometimes too easy to say its too i-pod looking ect ect. But when apple bring out a new i-pod or iphone for that matter its not necessarily the physical product their selling, but the capabilities of having your whole music library at your fingertips, or having the latest app. I know we're designers and looks matter, but at the same time we need to sell the narrative as-well and i feel that this guy has done that in a beautiful way. Keep up the good work!
  10. Hi all! I have just completed my first year at Hertfordshire University on the BA Product Design course and enjoyed it! I have been ringing a few product design firms as i have a bit of free time over the summer. I want to broaden my understanding of design. The thing is don`t mind doing anything, making tea, cleaning workshops or collecting lunch. I was told by one senior designer at a consultancy that maybe i should wait until the end of year 2 when i know what direction in design i want to pursue. However i have taken a year out and worked as a sales executive and then completed a foundation year in engineering and construction and just want to do something worth while over the summer. I am highly dedicated and mature for my age and i understand that some firms are busy ect but i just want an opportunity to gain some more skills. Anyway guys if anyone can give me some advice or point me in the right direction then it would me greatly appreciated. Regards. Aj. :thumbsup:
  11. Amjad Khan


    i`m currently working on a project at uni at the moment. i have a few decent ideas but i have problems in putting thenm into context. ie how the user will interact with the products i`m currenlty designing. í need to learn how to draw the human for quite well i believe or even a rough guidence so that the reader can grasp what i`m trying to communacte. can anyone recommend any ideas of how to draw hands body forms, not detailed but maybe outline body sketching ect. any help would be much appreciated. cheers guys.
  12. Amjad Khan

    Uni Project

    am going into London tommorow to carry out some commuting.
  13. Amjad Khan

    Uni Project

    that helps a litle, but i need to design something from the perspective of this imagined person. i have a few good services but i need to implement then through a product! cheers
  14. Amjad Khan

    Uni Project

    Hi guys! Havn`t posted in while so thought id annoy you with some problems i have at the moment. Basically we were asked to come up with an imagined person and outline there daily routines. going to work, commuting, eating ect. we were then asked to produce a chart where the persons levels of stress and discomfort were hightened. ie: "when communting the person feels stress, anguish ect ect". The purpose of this excercise was to allow oppotunities to design to change the feelings the person goes through when caryying out tasks. Think this is called rapid user prototyping? So for example when you commute you feel stressed, so my mission is to make that person relaxed, by producing a product! The fun part! I have decided to tacle the commuting part of this persons life. So......they feel stressed so i need to make them fell relaxed. i need to get inspiration and i don`t know where to start? I have come up with a few ideas but they are not origional having done some market research and don`t really appeal to me! Any advice or guidence will be much appreciated! cheers guys.
  15. Hi guys! Im currently in year one at Hertfordshire University studying Product Design. Im in need of some work experience. I don`t mind if its menial stuff, but Poduct related would be superb! I am very enthusiastic about Design and have just recieved a 2.1 for my first semester. I have good communication skills and my ability to draw is of a good standard. The main reason why i want work experience is because i want to be exposed to design and the implementaion at industry level. Anything will do!!! I live approx 20 mins from Euston and would be able to travel into London. I will also consider other areas within reach. If any of you guys are aware of any firms who want an enthusiastic Product Design student with good drawing and communication skills please contact me asap. hers a link to some work i`ve produced so far:http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=8786 http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ost&id=8785

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