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  1. Does the prototype really need to function? Could you not just make a mock up using 3D printing and apply a graphical finish to show how the finish product would look? Then if you needed to show some working functions, do that in a separate model without the awkward material. W
  2. Willpower

    3D Printing

    Hey. Yes 3D printing is amazing. Getting your design printed in physical form and getting it in you hand can progress a design so much. Its an invaluable tool. As far as buying your own versus on-line service. If you do the sums and justify its cost then its totally worth it. Especially for flexibility. t However, on-line services are likely to have more advanced machines than the one you are looking to buy? So if its accuracy and good tolerances your looking for then perhaps the on-line service is best. Most CAD software has a part checker to check for dodgy surfaces or intersecting faces and shells/holes. If not these guys are pretty good. http://software.materialise.com/magics-0 Your printer should come with software to set up the build, it might come with a file checker. Its always good to ensure the build doesn't fail. Waste of material and time. Let me know which one your thinking of buying. Cheers W
  3. Willpower

    Books On Time Management For Designers?

    Hey Ralph, Do you have a project manager at the firm or are deadlines/timelines managed by your managers? From my experience time and project management is not always design specific. For example a project manager can have no design experience what so ever and still bring a project to successful completion. So as far as written material, go for any book on project management and adapt the plans to fit your own design methods. Create milestones and detail deliverables at certain points etc. Create the plan and deliver the plan. For your own personal time management keep a constant sketch book on the go and write everything down. All meetings and every note throughout the day. This is important not only for your own thoughts but also to record what other people say to you. Also, create your own personal time plan in EXCEL. Use category's for key deliverables that you have to do. Line these up with key dates for meetings, design reviews and deadlines. This document can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Agree the key stages with your boss and then try to keep it up to date as you work through the tasks. This will be a good indication of weather you can actually meet the deadlines or get everything done. This This document can also have multiple projects to show where you will be allocating your time. It could also show the importance of some projects over others. Just some thoughts. Cheers W
  4. Willpower

    Newbie Doubt On Solidworks 2012

    Hey, post some pictures or attach you part and we can take a look!
  5. Willpower

    Infra Red Plastic Material

    Yep PC is the one, transparent of course. If its got a paint finish this will reduce your signal but you can test or look at the data sheet for the paint and see what spectrum/frequency if might inter-fear with. Also consider making a thin wall section on the inside near to the receiver this should help get a strong signal.
  6. Willpower

    Wacom Intuos 5

    I purchased a Intuous 4 Large for my Master and it was the best thing i ever did. It takes allot of getting used to but once you get there is invaluable. Sketching on paper and scanning in for presentations looks very poor. The 5 is very expensive so consider the 4. Get your practice in with sketchbook pro and you'll never look back. Use this site for tips. http://www.idsketching.com/ Cheers W
  7. Willpower

    Boiling Water Tap?

    Looks like your sorted Dave! We have those taps in the kitchen in at Dyson for constant teas and coffees. They are good but maybe you could look into how energy efficient they are? Also the capacity of the chamber. Safety is covered a little, in that you have to push then turn to dispense. Perhaps in could switch between steam and hot water? on long hose to be a cleaning tool in the kitchen? Let me know how it goes. W
  8. Willpower

    Product Design - Interactable Donation Box

    Hey. I always loved that little life boat donation box as a kid in the post office. Just put a 2p in and watch it roll and the boat rocked. Stupidly simple. A coin running down a path or channel, using its momentum/weight as it drops could initiate some feed back to the person donating. Coin drops onto plate weighted pivot etc. Or use light gates as the coin runs it could trigger the switch and action a stepper motor. I wouldn't focus on how your going to make it work just yet. Get your theme and presentation storey boarded out so you know what you trying to communicate.
  9. Willpower

    Bike Lock - Reinventing The Bike Lock

    Hi there, Bike security is a big deal. When i lived in London, I didn't take my expensive bike out with a lock because I just couldn't leave it locked up. I could never relax. So i always rode a cheap hack bike and it never got stolen. Once someone tried and got half way through a d-shackle with a hack saw in Peckham. I know. I know. Thats what you get for going to Peckham! Anyway, I have seen lots of attempts at new ways to lock. Key locking stems to lock steering. Wheel clamps to lock wheel to forks. These are more a deterrent but someone will still steal the bike for metal. I saw a project that remotely lifted your bike up a lamp post, and would only come down with a car like key fob. I think with these product attempts in mind, take Dans suggestion and focus some research on a specific demographic. Who is going to use your product? Where/when are they going to use it? Where are they going, what are they doing on a bike? What does the bike have to do for them? What can the afford? Is security a priority? With your research you may see some room for improvement in the way security works for people. Remember this may not manifest as a bike lock! Don't focus to much on existing products at this stage. Re-think bike security!? Other than that, make it small and light and potentially retro fit. W

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