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  1. Matthew

    Blow Me!

    Aesthetically, it looks beautiful, the quality is really good. Just wish it was a plausible idea for todays technology. Also the name "Dyke" is not great.. I understand it is a word play on the word "bike" but it means something completely different here in the UK
  2. Hey, I am new to these forums so I'll start with a quick intro! My names Matt, I study Product design and management at Aston University England where I have just completed my first year. I would like to go into Product management but that doesnt mean I lack passion for the design aspect. I feel that as a product manager I will have to know the product inside and out, and no one knows the product better than the designer. To be a truly good designer, you have to be able to understand the engineering behind the project and not just how to make it look good through aesthetics. Anyway, I have just started on a small side project in my own time. As many of you may know there have been a lot of rioting going on in the UK of late, one of the main areas affected was Birmingham, where my university is. I couldnt help but notice how poorly prepared the UK was for the chaos the riots caused, so I started doing some research and came up with the idea of deliable ink pellets;

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