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  1. Hello, My name is Petter and Im just starting out my journey to become an industrial designer. Im attending collage in Norway so I have plenty of time to learn the art of product design. I have been doing quit a lot of drawing and prototyping with my projects. But I think that when I start Art and Design classes next year, its time to upgrade my gear. Now that you guys know my needs: What would you recommend for my use ? 2d paper drawing in the first place. Im think some pens, pencils, good pencil sharpener, markers and rulers and different geometric shapes. What brand would you recommend for me ? I don't think ill need the best of the best top notch equipment, but something with quality and durability. Im also looking into which kinds of paper I will need. As Im completely newbi on product design the "pro" way Im asking for your help! Thanks A lot, Petter ps. I hope I put this in the right sub-Forum.

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