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  1. deepat

    The Smart Keyboard

    Going through the posts, earlier I did think of suggesting to make the screen oblique so that the screen can be viewed while typing. Your second post i.e. improved design photos are really good. Keep it up!
  2. deepat

    3D Photo Frame

    Hey it looks good and simple.
  3. deepat

    Name Of This Chair

    Hey did you already find a name for it? If not post the link again so that I could be of some help.
  4. It looks good but you need to show us the entrance door as only then we can suggest.
  5. deepat

    Laptop Bag

    First of all nice idea about classy way of short travel with a laptop. But it doesn't look comfortable. I agree with Ricanjo, laptop rubbing against aluminium is not a good idea, you could try some padding. I am used to shoulder strap.
  6. deepat

    Any Advice?

    Thanks for the tips.

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