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  1. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    seemed like this place was totally deserted for the past 2 weeks
  2. this is just a casual work~ saw a photo and drew according to it...
  3. okay i know this is not designing but its some practice for sketching and rendering. I keep sketching with pencil every day and ill take pics of some and post them here. Hope you'll like them. Any comment, advise or criticism are welcomed! First of all, a zebra~
  4. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    another "egg"~ not the best~ just a lil quick sketch~ and please comment on my skills and renderingso that i can improve
  5. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    @Sketchyd & @Crihton this is a new photo of the previous sketch of egg in eggcup~
  6. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    @cash68, Thank you for being more reasonable the original paper-based sketch was smeared so i did part of a new one using the same technique; i know its unproportional and not good at all but its just for a demonstration; i find the pure-cross-hatching-and-no-outline style very intriguing and presents the objects in a more vivid and real way; and i adjust all the proportions and shades to match exactly with the pic purposefully; i know its a lotta editing so i didnt submit this sketch till Crichton said photoshoped pics are accepted. I take back my previous words accusing you of blamesphe cuz i have faults in myself; the editing altered the pic too much and maybe cannot be taken as a han-done pencil sketch anymore. anyway i make no further advancement than proving i actually did the lines in the pic with my hands. If its not acceptable to make so much editing in your book i willingly withdraw my pic and have no complaint abt being deleted.
  7. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    @crichton i have to apologize for being mean~ i didnt mean to spoil the challenge so ill contain my personal moods and let this one go~ but ill demonstrate my skills one way or another; ive posted numerous sketches at this forum and i host a hot topic here; ( http://www.productdesignforums.com/topic/13023-natures-design-some-sketches-of-animals ) a few eggs poses no difficulties for me, not at all @cash68 whatever you did~ you cant hurt me; i admited i had edited with comp (maybe too much) and this pic didnt come straight outta my pencil like this; so why am i a "cheater" when there are "honest people" posting stuff that doesnt involve any pen work? maybe im being unoriginal by sketching according to the pic Crichton provided, but at least i took 4 pencils to draw a sketch on paper, scan it with a paid scanner, and edited to match with the pic as much as possible; if its not ok according to your book you can tell me; but not in this manner; i dont wanna make any offense but i think you really were jumping to conclusions; the sketch and pic looks too much alike due to the editing but that barely means this sketch is done without pencil anyway i always hate to make excuses and i dont wanna explain this anymore; i have completely no complaint abt my posts and pics being deleted; i had done a sketch without any editing (actually the very first one in this challenge) and i submitted a second one with a singe egg in egg cup~(the one according to Sketchyd is a lil blurry) i can do more and possibly better ones; it will take time but ill do it if necessary
  8. its like days since i last updated this one~ was kinda busy... and thank you for your reply Sketchyd~ ill try to present the animals in a designers view altho its like... redoing Nature's work of masterpiece...
  9. Will

    What Continent Are You On?

    well~ im from a lotta places~ i got european and asian blood; and i moved everywhere with my folks when i was a kid~ sweden england all across europe~ now im in China and NY in a few weeks!
  10. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    here is another sketch of an egg in eggcup~ 100% done by hand cross-hatching; the skill used in the deleted sketch
  11. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    and honestly i think a lotta eggs here are more like bullets shaped~ too pointy to be an egg... i try my best to keep the outline of my eggs round and like a real egg since i persue a best similarity to reality in all my sketches
  12. not sure abt it~ its an normal sketch pad so maybe just ordinary drawing paper perhaps~~
  13. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    eggcup for 6?
  14. guys sorry i bailed yesterday~ i saw this fox specimen at the lab today and i sketched it~ hope you'll like it~ 6. Fox (specimen) Save the foxes~ save the endangered animals~
  15. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    wow this is nice pic! the eggs are all exactly the same lil-pointed and polished but its really nice pic!
  16. oh and btw i got some stuff recently so maybe it'll be a few days before i get back with more sketches~
  17. seems like my topic doesnt really mix with designers...
  18. 'kay guys im here with my new sketch today~ i was in a park when i saw this fluffy Old English Sheepdog; thought its cute and did a quick sketch; i wanna finish it later but i lost the original and all i got now is this pic of an unfinished version... the hair the body the collar...all done except for some shades on forelegs and body and maybe a lil more rendering...*sigh* wish i know a way to finish it with nothing but this pic... but anyway, 5. White and Gray OES with a collar~ btw i dont really like dogs; i favor cats but i find this one cute
  19. Will

    Doodles Sketches

    E -> Egg(s)! next; G (or S~) P.S. is it okay if this is not a hand-drawn sketch? P.P.S. Welcome to check out my doodles here!! Thanks!~ --> Nature's Design - Some Sketches Of Animals
  20. Will

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    @Chrichton; oh i get it~ the two parts looks like rectangular from the front right? yeah i know~ its not done really well...
  21. Thank you guys for saying sth on my sketches~ i appreciate them all! and ill come with my daily update tmrw~ and the days after that
  22. well i didnt do much on shades... just the lines~

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