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  1. Krabbenkoenig

    Show us your wheels

    New racebike - Koga Miyata Gents Racer Carbon, completely rebuilt with Campagnolo Chorus + Mavic Cosmic Elite and some other nice stuff.
  2. Krabbenkoenig

    The Blog Station

    Looks like an almost 1:1 copy of the Nokia E7 with an mechanism which won't resist the daily (ab)use of an mobile phone.
  3. Krabbenkoenig

    Maserati Fractal

    Nice sketches, but for my taste way too busy. It's very hard to recognize the shape of the car itself. I think you should keep this busy and emotional sketch style for the developement phase (and mybe for interim presentations) but add some really crisp and sharp renderings of the car for the final presentation (like the picture on your last slide). Br
  4. Krabbenkoenig


  5. Krabbenkoenig

    Ostoure - The Super-naked Bike

    Looks nice, but I have absolutely no idea how this thing should be driven (even though it's just a future concept at least these two points should be executed in a feasible way). The gasoline tank looks to high to "lie" on and the "sideskirts" look to low to drive nicely through curves. Maybe you could show a ergonomics/driving study of this bike? Greetings
  6. Krabbenkoenig

    Chevrolet Sagan , Cadillac Upsurj , Buick Maelstrom

    The perspective looks as if an elephant sat on the car.
  7. Krabbenkoenig

    Koss Earbuds

    Usually you don't use a 2,5mm jack for those purposes. For this application more compact plugs are being used. Have a look at Sleek Audio, Ultimate Ears, Westone, Shure etc. - but anyway, I like your sketches.
  8. Krabbenkoenig

    3d Printing

    We're also working with a Objet. Precision is cool, also stability is nice. The only troublesome thing is the UV resitance.
  9. Krabbenkoenig

    Illegal Racing

    Ehm, yeah.. I totally overread this stuff in the first post. That's really stupid.
  10. Krabbenkoenig

    Illegal Racing

    Dude, ever heard of Audi R10 or Peugeot 908? Doesn't seem like... for example http://www.insideline.com/audi/lemans/its-...mans-racer.html I mean even the Q5 of a colleague has 300HP, 600Nm of torque and does around 250km/h (3.0 TDI - with chip).
  11. Krabbenkoenig

    Show us your wheels

    My new (used) one: 2006 Audi A3 sportback 2.0 TFSI quattro with S-Line package. Nice little car, wich makes a lot of fun.
  12. Krabbenkoenig

    Front View Rendering ..

    Use another HDRI with vertical lights.
  13. Krabbenkoenig

    Solidworks - Iphone 3g Back

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Any chance to get this file as a 2008 compatible version? greetings
  14. Krabbenkoenig

    Solidworks - Iphone 3g Back

    Hey, I already tried this method, but as soon as you want to use smaller radii/a thinner shape you'll end up with something shown below:
  15. Krabbenkoenig

    Solidworks - Iphone 3g Back

    Yep, that was also my try, but on the edges I always get those dents. Even with more guide curves i can't tame the surface.

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