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  1. kricc

    Maserati Fractal

    Great sketches, though I personally think they are a little over the top with all the effects. None the less I can appreciate the amount of work you put into them. My observation on the rendered picture is that the front bumper is too straight compared to the ones on the sketches. I don't know why, but I see that a lot in car renders.
  2. kricc

    Flying Scotsman

    I found the general measurements and the sizes of the wheels, and a couple of nice photos from front and side views. Then, I opened up a side view in Photoshop, duplicated the wheels (of which measurements I knew) and placed these next to each other to have a rough idea of the distances. So, for example, the locomotive's length fits 9 big wheels, the cabin is 1.5 times the big wheel, and so on. After this it was all about eye-balling the and comparing features to each other.
  3. kricc

    Flying Scotsman

    My school only has V-ray or Rhino's default renderers installed and I don't know much about either. Thank for the tip though. I might get back to it.
  4. kricc

    Flying Scotsman

    Thanks. Well, breaking up the model into manageable segments is a must, however I did find that I worked with the whole locomotive in the initial phase to cross reference points and parts. After I had a fairly accurate basic model, I added all the small details which makes a huge difference in the end. Also mirroring these helps the process along nicely. This model ended up being 77 megas, so saving often is a good idea, and hiding parts that are not worked on helps. One thing I found constantly slowing me down was adding fillets, specifically because I used different fillets for different parts, and I did not take notes of the size of fillets on certain parts, having to come back from time to time to have the same specs.
  5. kricc


    Hi. I am also new here. My name is Krisz, I am Hungarian, and I finished my second year of industrial design studies this year in Finland. I already posted one of my projects here. kricc
  6. kricc

    Flying Scotsman

    Hi. I'm new, and I would like to show you a 3d model of the Flying Scotsman Locomotive, I made using Rhino 4 and V-ray. I spent around a week making it, during studies. I used photo references mainly, and some basic measurements, including wheel sizes, rail gauge, overall length, height and width. All in all I am quite happy with it, but I did find some inaccuracies after I finished it. Feedback appreciated. Constructive criticism welcome.

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