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  1. L0rence

    Jewelry Design

    hey thanks for the reply... yes the sharp thing is on purpose ^^ , it all is part of a corporate identity, my label is called "irréversible" . Ppl wont be able to take the jewelry off anymore... it's an art project on how far ppl go for beauty. it's about crossing the line.. beauty at all costs. well do you have any idea how to present all this in a exibition? i dont like the idea of just pictures on the wall.
  2. L0rence

    Jewelry Design

    this is my 100th try... what do you think? any advice?
  3. L0rence

    Jewelry Design

    hi there...i'm an art student, and got a product design topic. I have to design a whole collection of jewelry... Well...i'm kinda desperate... i dont like to show amateur things in the exibition at the end of the year (in 3 weeks)... Any ideas how this might look at least "semi-professional" ... i prefer wroking analog, but have ps and illustrator... i know you guys prefer tech. stuff and cars ^^ but would u mind helping a desperate girl?

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