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  1. design-engine

    Software For Automobile Modelling

    You really need G2 continuity with stylized surfaces on Auto interiors and exteriors. What you really require is more control over curves and surfaces. Y=X^3 type curve math available in Solidworks and even older versions of Pro/ENGINEER have to fake (so to speak) G2 or approaching G3 does not allow the control in the light refelections required by the seasoned auto designers. http://jobs.designengine.com/jobs/cad-specialist-2 < these guys use Alias for the difficult surfaces and use Solidworks for engineering. http://jobs.designengine.com/jobs/gmengineer < GM seating Designers can use Alias however UG is capable of higher order math y=x^7 or in Alias speak 7 degree curves.
  2. design-engine

    Solidworks Boundary Blend

    Okay... first question, what happened to my login. Did the site get hacked and corrupt the database or something. I've had an account here for years and now it's gone. I have a boundary blend that finishes off a solid helical feature in solidworks 2011. Im having a hard time getting the surface to adhere tangentially to the surface and I'ts quite frustrating. I guess I should post a picture but I am not giving up and doing it in Alias or Pro/E! Typing out my problem forces me to think about the problem and come up with a workaround.... I created the blend between the solid face of the helical thread and a sketch curve that is rests on a plane. So one work around is to use convert entities and force a 3d curve tangent to that new curve...
  3. design-engine

    Lock Dims In Skether

    What's the best way to lock a sketch in a solidworks sketch? I want to flex geometry upwards with a mouse drag whilst keeping all the other dimensions locked too a specific value.
  4. All the big players use Pro/ENGINEER except Ryobi... they use SW .. I guess they are not big players. It is hard to beat the Curve tools of ISDX
  5. When I create a surface boundary with as series of curves forming a four part boundary two of which are the same 3d curve, how can I get solidworks to refrain from consuming those curves once the surface is bundled into Boundary-Surface.
  6. design-engine

    How To Model This!

    cool stuff. four part boundaries and a texture map. Might tone down the specular highlight some.
  7. design-engine

    3d Fur Surface

    Maya. Use maya paint effects. Its so cool how you can paint on nurbs surfaces and basicly paint on fur, grass, rust, water, or what ever else you have the mind to paint.
  8. if you want to work at a major manufacture then research what tools they use. Nike Motorola and Bissell all use Pro/ENGINEER. some of the industrial designer might use either alias or Rhino but they all convert at some point to Pro/ENGINEER. I suggest learning Pro/ENGINEER first then one of the inexpensive tools like Rhino later. Your primary mission is to get a job and leverage your strengths to get that job.
  9. in assembly mode... click on the part. Right hold down and release on the 'Activate' option. Now your in the part thru the assembly. Dimensions come up and use regenerate like always.
  10. design-engine

    Is This A Good Method?

    you forgot one more.... 6. none of the above
  11. design-engine

    Virtual Wind Tunnel Testing: What To Use?

    Fluent is industry standard for aircraft manufactures and ... race cars
  12. design-engine

    Rhino Modeling Help :((

    One fundamental problem with designers and engineers when modeling above the crown of a bottle.... the product cap does not fit the prototype. You develop a concept and go for a prototype. In the presentation meeting you want the production cap to screw onto your SLA right? Don't use a machinery handbook to obtain details about the thread. Go directly to the manufacture and ask them to email you a PDF showing the precise dimensions. Then when you recreate to that drawing you get the production cap to screw on. once 6 years back I developed 20 or so of 100+ bottles. My twenty bottles were the only bottles that caps actually screwed on. Now i teach that type of stuff in my two day plastics part design class... check it out: http://www.proetools.com/courses/plastics/plastics.htm good luck
  13. design-engine

    Rhino Help Please

    in surface modeling we call that the globing effect. Divergent surfaces all come together into a point like a globe.
  14. design-engine

    Nissan 350z

    that proe 350z model was built by one of design-engine's four week comprehensive students in a fifth week of working on his own. That is the kind of training design-engine offers designers during a recession. He had a degree from the polytechnic in Milan IT and knew Alias Studio already. http://www.proetools.com/courses/pro_engin...nsive_wkshp.htm

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