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    litmusbranding got a reaction from admin in Fellow Furniture Designers, Which Cad Software Are You Using? Solidworks Or Autocad?   
    Solidworks is good more furniture designers and below are advantages of it:

    Easy to Learn, Easy to Master
    Provides Powerful Insight
    Eliminates Prototypes, Sparks Innovation
    Optimized for Speed and Accuracy
    Enables Clear Communication
    Unrivaled Support

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    litmusbranding got a reaction from Cristhian in Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!   
    Hi Christian,
    I really like your work. I am also agreeing with others that there is too much text. Please go through some other products brochure designs, refer them as an inspiration and create again.
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    litmusbranding reacted to Cristhian in Miau! Ironing Table   

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    litmusbranding got a reaction from GonzoInventor in Another 'what Am I Doing Wrong' Portfolio And Cv   
    Hi Mart,
    I really like Hypercube Game. Very interesting game.
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    litmusbranding got a reaction from Raalednav in Tv Cabinet   
    Good work and nice concept of design in less space.
    Litmus Branding

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