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  1. litmusbranding

    Product And Graphic Design Portfolio

    Corentin, We really appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing with us. ======= Litmus Branding
  2. Solidworks is good more furniture designers and below are advantages of it: Easy to Learn, Easy to Master Provides Powerful Insight Eliminates Prototypes, Sparks Innovation Optimized for Speed and Accuracy Enables Clear Communication Unrivaled Support
  3. litmusbranding

    Hello Everyone, Feedback On My Portfolio, Please.

    Chris, It is not bad to show your portfolio of 60 pages if they all are creative, innovative and attractive. However, it is recommended to sort out best 20-25 of them and show to the interviewer. He/she definitely would be amazed
  4. litmusbranding

    Multi Use Chair - Please Leave Feedback!

    When you design something and want to launch in the market, one should consider comfortness along creative concept. As per personal view, I like "Velichko Velikov" design.
  5. litmusbranding

    Garden Furniture 02

    Come across all reviews and felt that the project is good, but it is related to garden. So, the color does need to change to something like relevant to garden. There are lots of shades of yellow and gree or trunk of tree which you can use.
  6. litmusbranding

    Mark Little

    FusionMark, It is a good idea to show your work on Facebook and I appreciate your work. It is pretty good. You can also promote your business/work through facebook by creating fan page.
  7. litmusbranding

    Website From Keen Amateur

    I really appreciate your creativity, though you are not a professional designer and you have good creativity. You can also show you work through photosharing or social media sites. I think you will get good response. Harry
  8. litmusbranding

    Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!

    Hi Christian, I really like your work. I am also agreeing with others that there is too much text. Please go through some other products brochure designs, refer them as an inspiration and create again. Thanks, Harry
  9. litmusbranding

    'pik Me' Salt And Pepper Shakers

    nice work!!
  10. litmusbranding

    Integrated Camera Support Competition Entry

    Hi Robert, Your creativity is outstanding and it will very helpful to get great shots!! Wish you all the best for future project. Thanks, Litmus Logo Design | Branding
  11. litmusbranding

    My New Website Feedback

    Hi Anthony, Your website layout is good. But, I recommend you to reduce character space in Bio, Industrial Design, Projects and Store section. Thanks, Harry
  12. litmusbranding

    Help! (Portfolio Feedback)

    I like your portfolio. Your work is really good. I wish you all the best for your future work.
  13. Thank you BBrandDesign
  14. Hi, Litmus has been in the business for over a decade. Experienced in offering a full suite of brand consultancy services, including brand strategy, brand audit/evaluation, brand communication, design communication, brand management and visual identity to clients across industrial sectors – Real Estate, Infrastructure, FMCG, IT and consumer durables – Litmus Branding has a long list of satisfied clients to its credit – A, B,C, D, to name just a few. Have a look our work Logo Design Corporate Identity Brochure Design Packaging Design Website Design Thanks, Litmus Branding
  15. litmusbranding

    Logo Design Portfolio

    Recently change website look and added new logos on my logo design portfolio. Thanks, Harry
  16. litmusbranding

    New Website And Print Portfolio!

    Hi Antonio Your website is good. Also download your portfolio your work. I like Spring Lounger - good work. Thanks, Litmus Branding
  17. litmusbranding

    My Tu Delft Portfolio

    Hi vid, I like your work. Specially a shoe dryer. Good work My best wishes for your future design. Thanks, Litmus Branding
  18. litmusbranding

    Tv Cabinet

    Michael, Good work and nice concept of design in less space. Thanks, Litmus Branding
  19. litmusbranding

    Tanuma Portfolio

    Suma, Like your design portfolio. Thanks, Litmus Branding
  20. litmusbranding

    Another 'what Am I Doing Wrong' Portfolio And Cv

    Hi Mart, I really like Hypercube Game. Very interesting game.
  21. litmusbranding

    Chair Sketch

    Your work is really creative. Like Chair design. It looks nice with proper use of Colors and shadow.
  22. litmusbranding

    Perfume Bottles, High Tech, Packaging

    Nice one. Like video. Headphone, Bike... Love to watch more. Thanks, Litmus Branding
  23. litmusbranding

    Presentation Tips...

    Really nice work. Everything is perfect. Good one. Wish you all the best for future projects. Thanks, Litmus Branding
  24. litmusbranding

    Laptop Bag

    Hey it's look cool. Very easy to handle it. Even we could easily put it in travel bag.
  25. litmusbranding

    Feedback Please

    Good work but Page looks OK. Try other options. You have good creativity. Thanks, Litmus Branding

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