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  1. Eric Cartman

    Attend The Msc Or Not?

    Thank you for your replies, I think they were encouraging! I geto to the conclusion that the Master can give you some knoledge, but the orienation you will follow, so to take advantage of your knoledge, is always on your hand. Thank you!
  2. Eric Cartman

    Attend The Msc Or Not?

    Hello! I am an electrical and computer engineer from Greece and I was given an offer for the Intergratde Product Design MSc in Brunel University. I was always drawing and sketching and I though that this would be a good combination with engineering. But what about a job after? Looking to the ads, I conclude that most of the designers must have a mechanical and not an electrical backround. I want to do my dream and study what I really like, but I would also like to find a job after that! So, what is your opinion? Any similar experiences? Thank you very much!
  3. Eric Cartman


    Hi guys! i am an electrical and computers engineer from Greece and I want to do a Msc in industrial design! Nice to find you!

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