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    Simple Id Question

    Group brainstorming. Put ideas on post-its > categorize and organize on a wall > spawn new ideas > eliminate ideas > arrive to feasible ideas. Basically it's a large flexible mind-map that can be viewed and interacted with by many people simultaneously.
  2. I wanted to say exactly what Gappie said. I will add that the biggest problem is that you don't carry the umbrella around as a guy. I don't have a purse, so what am supposed to do, put in my back pocket or laptop bag? Wouldn't think so. I used to carry one for a limited time when i lived in UK, but soon found out a waterproof jacket with a hood really does work and look much better. I have to disagree
  3. engio

    Your Critique Please

    From the first 2 renderings the bones appeared almost horisontal, which I didn't find very harmonious. But seeing the photo I see they are slanted, and incremental which I like and believe will do well with the surfing crowd. I can imagine this in Santoprene, it will be great. If you wanted to differentiate some elements you could specify different texture (blank/grind). Just a though - what about an internal wire keeping the lid and the body from separating, without affecting outside form?
  4. Weird, I was confident this could not be done because I've tried and even asked the support about it. But I just tried it again, and it apparently works in both sw09 and sw10. This is very useful for exporting files for documentation in vector format (DWG drawing to illustrator). Isometric manuals make human eyes bleed
  5. Hello, We are discussing to get a uPrint machine here at the office, and I'm looking for some input. Does anyone have any experience with it? We have looked at sample parts and they are ok for our purpose. Envelope size ok. Price reasonable. What we are afraid of is how much hassle is it? Refilling materials, cleaning, extracting support structure, setting up parts to print (we use SW if it matters). Does the machine break occasionally? Basicly there are 3 camps. I want the machine to be able to rapidly prototype ideas. Engineering manager thinks we will be spending more time setting up the machine than designing - he would rather use outside services and wait days for a every new prototype and work on other projects in the meantime. And project manager is concerned about money and time-to-market. So, any thoughts would be appreciated. Machine: http://uprint.dimensionprinting.com/
  6. engio


    This reminds me of a guy in my class who hired a retired car designer to make his clay model for him. Afaik, he's not in design right now. In fact, I don't believe he even managed to graduate.
  7. Do you have any plan on how you would distribute the CNC files to those that want them? I was just thinking about it from a customer perspective again - what if I want the product? It would be interesting to have a list of manufacturers that have downloaded the product, and select a local producer to make it for you on demand. Perhaps that could be an idea for a future Internet marketplace, not only for browsing products, but where you get to pick the producers as well. Perhaps this exists? I wouldn't be discouraged too much if it seems that IDers don't care about this stuff. What I've come to know as the ID community - it's not specifically outspoken unless it's criticism. For all you know, 1000 grads could be sitting and thinking up projects that could utilize this model right now. With so many "omg! love it! where can i buy it?!"-comments, perhaps sites like Yanko and Coroflot should incorporate the fundraising features that would encourage designers to develop concepts into products.
  8. Thanks both for the replies, and KQD for financial breakdown. Good to hear that it is at least not a complete waste of time and money. We want the machine for a project we will begin shortly which is a product family of 6-8 products, and estimate it to result in about 100 unique parts, most rather small and of technical nature (buttons, living hinges etc). All to a quite optimistic deadline. As I see it, a printer in-house would allow us to better and faster investigate different mechanical solutions. I think we are also looking at leasing for a limited time rather than purchase. We have some good relationships with bureaus, unfortunately no local so shipping is the bottle neck. In general, how much active worktime would you say it takes to get a part built? (excluding build time when I can do something else) 5 min? 1 hour? One part in envelope - I realize playing tetris with parts to utilize space will take some more time. Can anyone who uses CAD easily learn to do it?
  9. Thanks under-dog! That does help. I've had experience with Dimension 1200 (or similar, not sure) parts so I know what you mean by the layer-direction issue, although it didn't cross my mind here. We did actually get a sample of a typical part that we provided , but we didn't consider this closely. Might need to prepare some specific and more diverse parts for this. Also thanks for the heads up on the cartridge switch thing, and the trays. I'll make sure to clarify all that when we request a demo. Thanks again. I hoped to get more opinions on the whole 3dprinter-in-house thing. Is it worth the hassle? I know my situation and requirements may differ from yours, but I like to play devil's advocate in meetings so just tell your story and I'll filter it for suitable points And if anyone has got first hand experience with uPrint even better. Cheers.
  10. I doubt there are a million industrial design jobs in the world. How many of you will be ready when a million Chinese designers enters the workforce? 1 mill is a big number. Fortunately besides chunking out design graduates, China will also create jobs for them. That however, does not change the fact that we will have a million more people to compete with. And I do not for a second doubt it will not be tough. Today's empires, tomorrow's ashes. You may want to read this 2-post thread from a year ago. http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ic=9647&hl= - Btw, is there any estimate on how many practicing IDers there are in the world today? Somewhere I heard that there's only 1000 trans designers, compared to... how many grads?
  11. My company produces a number of products in cast iron. The dark rough surface combined with selective grinding of details is really hot! More importantly - our products need to communicate longevity, durability as well as precision and modernism, and I believe it works well. Actually, one I'm working on now will combine cast iron and wood
  12. Just saw the ground plane video. It obviously helps, but here's what I was thinking for future functionality (as I know some of the dev people may be reading this). Afaik this is missing from all other apps, and would be useful especially for product renderings. Consider a hammer or a screwdriver. Any way you choose to model it, none of the planes will be parallel with the ground when you put it down on a flat surface in real life. And in order for it to appear realistic I will need to create a surface that represents that physical ground. No big deal, I can do that. But for multiple views this gets time consuming and really boring. Here's where a select-3-points-ground would be really useful directly in the rendering app. It could also be combined with the save-view feature (thumbs up for thumbnails btw). Anyway, I suspect you have probably thought of this and that some other issues get in the way of implementing, but it would still be very nice to have Will try to get the pre release next week. At the office we usually wait for 1-2 service packs to release before we make the switch, but I feel I'm curious enough And thanks for making the videos Rob.
  13. Nice, I'm looking forward to this release. The background image thing will save me some hassle. Features I've missed most is reorienting the ground plane (preferably by selecting three contact points on my model), DOF, and saving custom materials. Do you know anything about that? When is the release date btw?
  14. So, if I understand this correctly, no matter how much I back this project it doesn't get me the toy unless I have access to a CNC mill? I understand what you are trying to do here - it's about the process and not about the object itself. I support that, and will probably go in with a couple of bucks just to be part of it (it's not that I want the toy, my first question was to clarify). But if you really want to achieve the full funding, shouldn't you be targeting the people who will benefit from the design in the end directly - the CNC mill owners? From what I've seen you seem to have aimed this strictly at IDers. Get some blog like Toolmonger.com to write about it for example. Furthermore, those who will be able to manufacture and sell this toy will be able to do so freely, while IDers who back this for "the cause" have no way of making their money back. It's not even taking a risk - it's donating cash for someone to make more of it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Have you looked at 3DVia? http://www.solidworks.com/sw/design-produc...cumentation.htm
  16. engio


    Looking good. Just don't forget to set view to perspective on the final renderings
  17. Place the paper on top of a textured surface, for example a canvas backpack, and very lightly go over with white pencil.
  18. engio

    Desert Goggles

    That thing scares me, and actually disgust me a little bit. Yet, I find it fascinating. It looks like it's made out of a extraterrestrial carcass. It reminds me of the night vision goggles Ben had in Full Throttle if anyone's cool (geeky) enough to get that reference But yeah. unless it's a movie or videogame prop, I can't really see this working. Also this may be a dumb question, but I've never been to the desert nor do I wear glasses, but what good are the LEDs?
  19. engio

    Bbc 2, Design For Life

    Thanks for the tip. Need to find a UK proxy so I can watch it on iPlayer
  20. engio


  21. engio

    Product Design Blogs

    http://www.fastcompany.com/topics/design Check the "Expert design blogger" column on the right. I think all the posts from those pop up on Fast Company's main feed anyway, but I'm not sure.
  22. I think you have some interesting thoughts, but they don't come through in your visuals. The lines in final renders are messy (rendered thumbnail sketch?) and the backgrounds don't help. Also I'm not really sure which the final concept is. My suggestion would be to create one board with the presentation of final concept, and one with the development process. Stylewise, I like the upper left black-on-yellow sketch best. The final one I think is too playful, almost toyish. Kamaz to me represents durability and simplicity, which I don't think your final concept captures. Good job still, good luck in the comp.
  23. engio

    Just Some Hook

    What material did you have in mind? Is it only for copics? Could you use it with other makers? Perhaps if you went for a flexible material like silicon, and a round section it could be fitted to others, as well as it would have better friction against the cap. Looking at my copic marker, it looks as it would be possible to make it attach to the cap from the inside (the hook comes out through the section). Would look more elegant, but various drawbacks are possible. It's a nice idea though, good luck.
  24. Thanks for posting this, I bookmarked it for a later read.
  25. engio

    Swedish Design-portfolio Online

    Hi Camilla, nice portfolio. Renderings and models look very nice, and I find the design appealing as well. However it would be interesting to see the process - how you came to the final design and how you did validate it. Also, I don't get the sense of scale in many of your photos and renderings. In your "exercise machine thing" rendering you could photoshop a human silhouette and next to the speaker you could have the tennis ball that you mention. I've never heard of University of Gotland ID program before, and I must say I'm quite impressed. Seems there is nice stuff coming up in Sweden besides Umea and Konstfack. PS. An ID portfolio is never done

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