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  1. Hi all, Would love to hear from your comments and feedback on a slideshare presentation that I created called: 11 Design Strategies of the Next Decade. Thanks in advance! Porro
  2. Hi, And no, sketching will never ever die out as long as we do design. It is the rawest form of expression, and the most direct means to get an idea in your head into a medium you can communicate it to someone else. All the major design studios, BMW Design Works, Philips Design etc., advocate strong or at lease a decent level of sketching ability. Even Hollywood studios only used digital renderings for production purposes. Concept rough sketches are the meat of a production design. My suggestion is to look at the translation of sketching into 3d and how that can be done more efficiently? Good Luck.
  3. Thanks for sharing the link Wai Kit. Other things to consider is also the target market as well as the sales and cost targets. Good Luck!
  4. Porro

    Icsid Congress 09

    Hi all, Just like to share:
  5. heh-heh...it will be fun!
  6. Thanks for the plug Waikit! Looking forward for a chance to work with you.
  7. Porro


    This would be mine: www.twitter.com/designsojourn See you all there!
  8. Porro

    Porro's Portfolio

    hi tuvie, sure not a problem, please do link back to my site www.designsojourn.com? Thanks! rdgs Porro
  9. Andrew, That Audi sketch is crash hot! Well done and you have a lot of potential for a great career in automotive design. Best of luck! rdgs P
  10. Porro

    Arian's Portfoilo,

    Hi Arian, Nice first go. It is hard to get perspectives right in big objects. I would imaging this is as big as a building. So you would probably need 2 horizon vanishing points. You currently have one on the left, so you need on on the right as well. Now as this is a big object, and imagine if you are standing at the bottom, you would also need a vanishing point at the bottom to give the illusion of height. Good luck, and have a try? @cash68, I hope it was an attempt of a joke, abet a poor one. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but lets not get personal here.
  11. Porro

    To Mirror Or Not...

    From what i understand, you mirror a car concept because it is cheaper to make half a car model! To mirror or not mirror depends on your surfaces. Sometimes when I am building complex surfaces, i have to mirror it as I need to use the surface half way point as a reference arc or spline. I would not let it bother you too much, as long as you control the tangency between the 2 mirrored faces.
  12. Porro

    A Novice's Mp3--car

    Basically if I am not wrong, it is an MP3 player that transmits the music via an FM channel and you can play if back via your car radio by tuning into that channel. In terms of the design, it is a good first go. I would spend more time exploring your form on paper, before you go into 3D. Leave 3D to last as you dont have any problems with it!
  13. Porro

    Porro's Portfolio

    All right guys updated April 15, 2008. Check out the first post!
  14. Great post. Ideas are great, but we must becareful not to get carried away. The reality are ideas are dime a dozen, execution here is the key. I recently wrote a post here that describes this issue: So now we have that frame of mind, we need to look at what we want to do with this patent. This is a multi-fold discussions with many considerations. The Intellectual Property Protection Myth Personally for me I have long given up on this IP nonsense. If your entire business plan is backed by an IP you got a problem. It takes only about a 10% modification of a design to over come an IP protection. Put it this way if you really wanted to take the effort to copy something its not really that difficult. The reality is an IP only has specific coverage, and if your technology has value and multiple applications then by all means protect it and sell it. IP is a sink hole of funds, but if you can farm it out for royalties then go for it! The real rules of the Game The reality of things are a successful content (music, product, object etc.) is more than IP. It is a well oiled engine of branding, design language, technology, manufacturing, and marketing. All added together makes it a hard act to follow. Just look at Apple? Their products not only push the edge of design minimalism, but their part construction is flawless and extremely difficult to replicate without specific technology. Furthermore any vendor that steps out of line with Apple will never survive due to their brand equity walking out of the door. At the end of the day, my view is copy all you want, but you ain’t getting into the infrastructure I have created. IP and Creatives From a designer’s stand point, content creation NOT content protection will becomes even more and more important. It will also become a discussion of the difference between amateur and professionals. I coined the term Hyper-creative and that will be what design professionals need to become in this new product development era ruled by digital media and the Internet. I digress Anyways back to the issue at hand. You will be surprised to know that many, i say MANY products out today actually infringe patents. Check out this link that describes the Muji award winners infringing patents and you can see how easy this can happen. The reality of a patent is: So you see patents are funny business. There are a lot more to it and you need to ask yourself is this really is what you want to do? Also another misconception is copyrights were meant for written work, NOT designs. You might like to investigate a design patent instead, where the outlook of a product is protected (not its function). The acid test is simple, if a consumer mistakes a copied design for your product then this is considered an infringement. This in many cases is better for us designers as patents were meant more for inventions than forms. Best of luck!
  15. Porro

    Top Designer Reveals All

    Yep Donn is very talented. If you are interested in one of his latest work check out: http://www.designsojourn.com/2008/04/10/11...me-of-foosball/ Very nice foosball table he worked on during his internship at GRO design.

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