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  1. Banani

    My Inventor Portfolio

    Well, I do agree with you. I would never have bought the chair as it is now.. Vitra, Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and Bruno Mathsson would probably be my favourite designers on the chair market. The "futuristic chair" I made was just my first draft, an idea to go out from. -Mr B Andersen
  2. Banani

    My Inventor Portfolio

    Yeah, i might have to make a little wider room for the legs. We could think that the base was made of gold > heavy as hell I'll fix it up a bit !
  3. Banani

    My Inventor Portfolio

    I agree that the rendering engine is a bit dreadful, on your tip I'll try to get hold of the 3DS Max. Would be great to have some better rendering. Is it the "3ds Max Design" or "3ds Max" I should go for? I have not made any models with cables or piping yet, but I guess it'll be in my portfolio in not too long. I see you're working as a product designer, what do you commonly model?
  4. Banani

    My Inventor Portfolio

    Here is some of my work with Inventor Professional 2012. I'm quite a newb at this, but it's not coming out too bad. All of the work is my own design and ideas. This is a bicycle damper that I created and modelled. A collection: Table, lamp, chairs and a wooden box. An equipment for holding "things" at place. A futuristic chair. Please comment Btw. I have plenty more models. But couldnt fit them in at this post
  5. Check out my gallery!

  6. Banani


    Hi Forumpeople. Let me introduce myself. I'm a student from Norway who has a significant interest in design, 3D, music, hifi and guitars..to mention some I hope I can add good input to this forum site! - Banani

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