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  1. line

    Fw3011 Carbon Racing Sleigh

    That look awesome.
  2. line

    What's Your Perfect Wastebasket

    For me the most important part of it, nobody have to touch it to use. For hand cleanliness.
  3. line

    The 3-In-1 Cap Lamp

    Nice and smart work. I wish I have one. Also we can use it pencil bag when you close it. A lightened pencil bag . imagine, you are taking a lightened box from your bag and taking out a pencil. Cooool
  4. line

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Guys I am really sorry for my mistake. I am new at designing and this forum. I am going to post some sketch even if my hand isn't qualified enough
  5. line

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Yeah I now it isn't useful to carry . But as I said, it is very cool for breakfasts. Isn't it? But I will send a container render. Second picture is allowed, right?
  6. I just wonder, what kind of sheet do you use your sketches?
  7. line

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    That's my works folks . I hope you like it... It can be use on breakfast tables.
  8. Hi Christian. I think this is not a face2face system. It is a shoulder2shoulder system . Interesting idea!
  9. Nice sketches Will. Little shade make them more fantastic.
  10. line

    Live Fast Die Young

    That's very impressive imran_othman. Which program did you use for this work? I appreciate you . I suggest some light for your renderings. A car like that shouldn't be in darkness
  11. line

    My Car Design Sketches

    Hey! what kind of high school force you to make those stuff. I need to join them ... Nice work
  12. line

    My Solidworks Model Portfolios

    Your lambs are very good but you need to practice more about car modeling. I am amazed your works. Keep going...

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