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  1. Chevisw

    Sketching Webinar

    The online registration for the event is now open. Remember this is a free event! Please click on the link below . https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/935839593
  2. IDSAwi will be hosting a 1.5 hour FREE webinar that shows a work flow on how to achieve a final Sketch Rendering. A variety of sketching tools will be used through out the webinar to achieve the final concept presentation and layout. This webinar is geared to anyone who wants to pick up a few tips and tricks in various software packages and also see how the various packages can work together. Also if you don't have these particular packages don't fret as the work flow can easily be adapted to a variety of software. More information on registration will follow, but the date of the event is Tuesday July 12th from 12pm - 1:30 Chevis W.

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