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    hangzhou zhejiang china
  1. Frank_zhang

    A New Way To Make Money With Your Designs?

    3D prints is cheap , we usually use rapid prototyping confirm the 3D model in China.
  2. Frank_zhang

    Playground For Developing Countries

    You need to set up a project, clear your design ideas, design requirements, can achieve product structure. wish you successful.
  3. Frank_zhang

    Tram Design

    Take the 2 people, 4-wheel drive....??
  4. Frank_zhang

    A Full Hubless Bicycle

    I think those were concept bicycle. unable to them .
  5. hellow aprilinnovember

  6. Frank_zhang

    Online Resources List

    good job,
  7. Frank_zhang

    Which 3D Modeling Software Should I Learn?

    i like to use Solidworks ,it can be complete all aspects of the work.

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