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  1. Amirikano

    Unleash Your Mind - Design Website

    Hi everyone I invit you to visit my design website and leave your opinion http://amir-labidi.wix.com/la-design GOOD VISIT
  2. you opinions is important for me ! Strolletor it's a futuristic baby stroller insprired from the world of dinausors and aliens (Cartoons) for kids It's a HDPE body with PMMA glass to make a kind of little car for baby it can be full covered when it's rainy or cabriolet when it's sunny... I will upload other exlplications when i finish the work Comments !
  3. Amirikano

    Ethic Design: Traffic Lights Redesign

    hi everybody im worked on ..... im in the final phase of the the new concept of trafic lights...i will show you when i finished rendering....
  4. Amirikano

    Freedom Bus Design

    click on the photo and download it...you will see it in big size
  5. Hello!!....I am a 3rd year student in product design in high school of design in Tunis This year and I spend my final project studies The theme this year is the ethic design, that I am committed to do my extensive research toidentify issues and in which area I can truly exercise ethical in my design ... Ethics is human and any product designed to actually be in the service of humanity and has no marketing purposes .. after the latest statistics of my country, Tunisia is the 15th world compared to traffic accidents and I see that it is a very high number especially knowing that this number is the result of neglect of traffic lights... So I decided to work on it and raise the problems of car drivers to find out why they do not respect traffic lights while I agree in the design of a product that works on the psychology of the driver and take stepsto ensure that the user does not stop at a red light out of obligation but by his own will is what you see is an interesting topic? and if you have problems on this, can you gives me some examples ? i'm waiting your replies.....Thank you
  6. Amirikano

    Freedom Bus Design

    Hello everybody i want to know your opinions about my sketchs ans rendering about my final school project thx
  7. Amirikano

    3D Organic Design

    thnx a lot jD mather i have alias design but its too complicated ... i cant find tutorials
  8. Amirikano

    3D Organic Design

    any one can't help me ?
  9. Amirikano

    3D Organic Design

    hi everybody i'm a 2nd class student in product design and i need some help from professionels in 3d in our school, they learned to us us how to use 3ds max but not advanced tricks (ex: i know how to modelate a cubic forms with perfect lines, like extruding sufaces and make a rounder form a simple line) but my big problem is how to modeling organic form like cars,asemtryc bottles, mouses, complex curves....i mean complex forms and how to convert a 2d sketch to a 3d model.... i want to fly in 3d but in our school they dont let us i dont know why....help please nb: sorry for my english
  10. hello I have a question to a professional about the materials used in the design of an industrial product I have gaps for the materials and have a lack of enrome conaissances on manufacturing processes and materials ... is that there is some one who can help me to have a good command of mastery of materials knowing that a designer item can not be pro without knowledges of materials thank you
  11. Amirikano

    Adidas Versus

    thnx for the reply...i will try to improve my sketches...i'm unsig 3ds max rendring and autocad for modelisation (if u have method for great product rendring plz tell me how ) the concept was to make 2 in 1 bottle (parfum & spray) for athletes
  12. Amirikano

    Adidas Versus

    thanks a lot for those advises...i hope that i will became one day a good designer
  13. Amirikano

    Adidas Versus

    thank you for your reply, I am glad of your criticism, like that I will have the opportunity to know that I lack and mistakes that I have to avoid, I started the product design 2 years ago excluding holidays and days of the revolution in our country (Tunisia) in these 2 years I am committed to teach me to draw then study the approach to design, color science, manufacturing methods, materials, graphics, graphic tablet, modeling, painting ... it is a very short compared to the discipline of design and i need more work, I use 3ds max in renderings and sketchbook for my sketchs can you guide me a bit on how I can improve my drawings and lines, and how I can improve the conceptual approach and methods refexions in a design project? thank you very much
  14. Amirikano

    Adidas Versus

    Ill delete the post..,,why person doesn't answer me, if you dont likes the Project ....write that you dont like ...so you gaves me opportunity for reexploring rue idea
  15. Amirikano

    Adidas Versus

    i'm waiting .... 255 views and no reply ?

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