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  1. As I am about to graduate from a product design program next month, I know full well that the design world is madly in love with research at the moment, and there certainly is no shortage of methods out there to be implemented at any point in the process. We’ve learned techniques throughout the program that seem to work like a crystal ball which allow us to look into the minds of consumers and pluck out their needs and desires. Then boil it down into a spread sheet and snazzy chart that’s easy to absorb for the executives. I commented to a friend recently, “it’s almost not fair that some companies know how to use these techniques and others don’t.” They are crucial to developing successful products, and failure to use them will result in a failure for your company. With that said, I found this article by Ben McAllister to be quite thought provoking. Have we lost sight of the softer side of product design? The side that relies on intuition and creativity. More importantly, does it reduce the value of designers to a an easy to follow process that anyone can do? I believe that good designers need to be whole minded in the way they approach their designs. Use the new tools available with a constant critical eye on them to make sure they fit in with your design sensibilities. I don’t think that new research tools and methods devalue designers, but rather increase their value by expanding their abilities to act on their gut and gain leverage in the board room. The new research techniques and methods are a powerful new tool, but are only part of the equation for success in the market.
  2. If you are like I was, you knew you wanted to further your education but couldn’t find a program that fit your needs as a product developer. The Master of Product Design and Development was exactly what I’d been looking for. Program Description: The Master of Product Design and Development program is designed for professionals eager to master the concepts and tools of project design and development. Students will learn about managing creativity and design, form and function, project management, customer-focused innovation, research, and financial and organization issues. All courses are taught from the perspective of product design and development in this highly focused curriculum. Designed to accommodate the busy schedules of engineering and technical professionals, the two-year graduate program takes place on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus one day a week on alternating Fridays and Saturdays.The degreed program is a must for mid-to-senior-level, technically trained professionals who are involved in the design and development of new products. Much like a well designed product, this program gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. The faculty are all top notch with a mix of real world professionals and professors from the various colleges such as McCormick and Kellogg. It has been named one of the top design programs in the world for the last two years by Businessweek. If you’re interested in finding out more, there is an open house coming up next month. Thursday, June 16, 2011 5:30 – 7:00pm Northwestern University / Evanston Campus Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center 2133 N. Sheridan Road Evanston, Illinois Click below to register http://www.mpd.northwestern.edu/news/openhouse.php
  3. Also the previously mentioned Ulrich and Eppinger book.
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