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  1. You mean the packaging design or graphic design?
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    Really nice website, highly skilled design work.
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    carton box templateshttp://boxtemplates.wordpress.com.
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    Packaging design blog http://packagingdesignblog.blogspot.com. carton box packaging design software http://packmage.blog.com. Welcome to have a look and leave your opinions.
  5. Recently I'm testing a packaging design software Packmage, it's quite interesting it has box shapes and die-lines integrated into a library, users only need to choose the right box they need to modify the size to get the carton box design done, there're the steps in details: The first you need to download Packmage software from the website. After you installed and registered, you can login, you will see the library as follow: choose the box you want then modify the size: Check 3D box modeling: After you modified the little flaw, the box design can be done, isn't easy enough?
  6. Have you heard about Packmage packaging design software? It's for corrugated and folding carton box structural design, it has the die-line and box shapes predefined in its library so that the design work becomes easy, its 3d box modeling is very friendly with high definition, it's a very nice packaging design software.

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