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  1. Tim_meh


    I don't think this is information that members here would have readily available. I would suggest doing a very indepth search around the internet, something should pop up. I had a quick look (3 mins) and while I was not successful in finding exact dimensions, I came across exploded drawings etc...
  2. Tim_meh

    Digit Movers

    I agree visuals are an excellent means of communicating educational messages across to students, it enables students to relate back to those situations. Only problem I can see is that either the school goers are passed this stage of having toy cars (and by having these items at school they would either become a distraction or could be a que for others to pick on the student). In reality, the scale is too small to create enough of an understanding for the student. Think 'Mythbuster' size and how students relate to that televsiion program and the facts they learn. Maybe adapt that methdology of thinking to this problem. Just my 2cents.
  3. This is a personal favourite design with a downward facing sub: http://www.bang-olufsen.com/beolab5 I would agree for sound clarity that a tweeter would be required somewhere in the setup. You could get a relatively small tweeter to fit into your design that would justfity the woofer....or in the end the speaker at the base of the lamp could be a mid-range speaker to take a bit of both worlds, but won't be as clear.
  4. Tim_meh

    Keyshot Learnin

    Keyshot have a forum that would be worth looking at for learning purposes: http://www.keyshot.com/keyshotforum/
  5. From my point of view, both points present something of value. Every employer is different and opportunities present themselves in a variety of fields, so saying this...you need to be prepared for whatever is thrown your way. Something that we commonly see is a simple A4/A3 sheet with sketches, renderings and models all presented in a simple and informative format. No reason why you couldn't throw a few snip-its of research (one-liners or images) and reference that in showing your thought process and/or throw in some solution comparisons along the way. This sheet may become cluttered and that's when you really need to highlight the main importances of each stage of the project and highlight them on one page. You could have another couple pages to back it up if they are interested in further information (they generally will prompt you if they are interested in hearing further). Always better to be over prepared than under prepared. So I guess my view is show them a something informative and sweet. If you sense they want the taste for more, show them more, otherwise you can easily hide the additional pages and move onto the next short and sweet item in your portfolio. Make any sense?
  6. Tim_meh

    Sylvain's Works

    You have a good grasp of line art work. Without going to your portfolio, you come across as more of a graphic designer with your style (not sure if this is your true job or not). A design issue which is worth a mention is the male perfume bottle. Just think of the functionality of it and the fact that in the majority of cases the spray button is much smaller than a male fingerprint...hence it would be annoying for the user to constantly brush his fingers against the metal bands either side of the sprayer or they would have to rotate their finger in order to push the spray trigger down.
  7. Tim_meh

    Laptop Design

    Concept Laptop = idea. Karl is reffering to the process you can adopt using your background to create an image without having to 3d model.
  8. I have used the method menappi as mentioned in his posting numerous times. I had the profiles cut out by a lasercutter (saves time) before gluing together and sending. Depending on the shape, you could stagger he profiles in width (imagine taking section views and using those profiles joined to one another), before using car bog to fill the 'step up' in between. It will come out quite smooth and paints relatively well with the car bog on the surface, as mdf will soak it in over the first few coats.
  9. Hi angela1983, Happy to answer on his behalf. Precision is all through templates and ensuring pieces are cut to size accurately. The button from memory is a decal that he has applied to the face, while the screen is a decal placed beneath the cutout. Due to the requirements of the course, we need to make a visual representation of the design. Our models are supposed to resemble the design with some level of accuracy, but on a model like this, an extra mm or 2 in width, thickness etc... is not going to be detrimental in communicating the product to the examiners. This wouldn't be the best method in producing 10 to 20 sets, you would be looking more at rapid prototyping for the front cover or something similar in order to provide a consistent level of accuracy.
  10. Tim_meh

    New Lighting Design

    Nice work. Very clean and modern designs. Would find it's place at home in the hospitality industry in new modern hotels and restaurants.
  11. Tim_meh

    Pro Engineer Query

    Neuronex, that viewer seems to have worked. Only thing I could guess that did not convert is the drawing border, but most of the other information (dimensions etc...) seem to be on the page. Thanks for your help!
  12. Tim_meh

    Pro Engineer Query

    Thanks for your feedback guys, sounds like you have saved me some time from scouring the internet for an answer, when it is likely that there will not be one. I've organised to try the software you have suggested neuronex, I'll let you know if that was successful or not. At the end of the day, if I can't open it, I will just have to source it to someone to translate into PDF's for me. Thanks again
  13. Tim_meh

    Pro Engineer Query

    Hi All, Two questions to begin with. I have quite a few files with in this type of format "XXXX.drw.2". They are grouped with other files "XXXX.asm.4" and "XXX.prt.21". Now, I am able to translate and view the ".asm" and ".prt" files (obviously short for assembly and part files), but I would have thought the ".drw" were drawing files, which I am struggling to open. I have searched the internet for answers and tried Corel and edrawings without success. Am I barking up the wrong tree and these are not actually ProE files or does someone have an alternative method I could use to view the files? I don't use ProE at all, which is why the problem is an issue. Second query: Does anyone have a link to download a trial version of Pro E to see if I can solve the problem? Cheers, Tim
  14. I don't think Nate comes on the forums often now, but to answer your question the images on the first page show the processes that he used to make it. He didn't use wire mesh to create the model.
  15. Tim_meh

    Temporary Position

    Position Filled.

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