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  1. grainstorming

    Undergrad Product Design Portfolio

    thanks a lot Kieron! Your criticism was truly constructive, I´ll be taking your sugestions into account when I redo it (soon). Cheers Pablo
  2. grainstorming

    Portfolio By Hugo Honijk (just Graduated)

    Hi Hugo, I could load your portfolio now. I think it looks good overall, only criticism I have is on page 13 most of the images distract from the work you have done and cannot be appreciated in detail. For heavy pdf´s, you can use JPG comprssion to make them really small. Please check out my web page and tell me what you think. Cheers and good luck, Pablo
  3. grainstorming


    Hi Kieron I see you are working on your website so I just saw your coroflot portfolio. I really like your hanger too, and look forward to seeing your web page. The toothbrush could have a bit more description as to what changes were made, maybe put an image of the original product... Cheers, Pablo
  4. grainstorming

    My First Portfolio

    Totally agree, only thing I would change is make the writing bigger cause its hard to read. And I´m not a fan of websites making noise... But I love your design. Cheers, Pablo
  5. grainstorming

    Akin Bacioglu Design Factory

    I like your work, but if you are looking for feedback i´ll give ity to you on the site (i´m also looking for feedback on mine) I would kill the guestbook and the forum. Those things have to be really active to be valuable. Also, I agree with the others that it´s not visual enough. The othe thing I noticed is that your portfolio at first glance looks like a logo design portfolio: click on project name>> logo appears >> it is not obvious enough that you have to click again on the picture to get images of the product. If your mantra is "multifunctional simplicity" you could incorporate it into your web page Cheers and good luck Pablo P.D. a note on your watermark: this only prvents use of the image, not someone copying the design. I suppose you know that...
  6. grainstorming

    Graduate Portfolio Of Yahya Tioso

    Hello I love your portfolio, especially the logical layout. Just a couple of notes: write work experience instead of experiences the descriptions are in firt person untill the bike lamp. The other descriptions are better than the bike lamp one. Also write "most dangerous and most likely to cause a home accident" instead of "than most likely" in the kettle description. Also say "a safety locking lid". In the tackle boxes say "advertising purposes" Also revise the fishing reel description and software is singular (instead of softwares). These are just small grammer mistakes and not really important, everything else is top notch. Cheers, Pablo
  7. grainstorming

    Product Design Portfolio Of William Ramon

    Hello William I think your portfolio is good, however the presentation format was a bit surpising. I also found that some of the images were a bit slow loading -that left me with a blank screen for a few seconds-. The other thing was that some detail wasn´t clear: I couldnt zoom in enough to appreciate some stuff (like writing) and the first image is a bit pixelated when viewing in detail. Cheers, Pablo
  8. grainstorming

    Jason Schuler Web Portfolio

    Hi Jason, I really liked your site, just a couple of comments. You could emphasize the <<see the process>> button a bit more (btw i love this aspect), I didn´t see it till the last project. For that one it´s great, but you might think about adding some side explanations in the process of the other ones. I love how clean the site is. Cheers, Pablo
  9. grainstorming

    Nickrdfowke Online Portfolio

    Hi Nick, I really liked your website, and found it cool, simple and easy to navigate. some images were a bit slow loading and i couldn´t check some details, especially some writing was illegible. I was wondering whether this is on purpose to make it a teaser? Otherwise its a nice website. If you have a moment I´d appreciate any feedback on my own (http://www.pablorohrssen.com) Cheers, Pablo
  10. grainstorming

    Undergrad Product Design Portfolio

    bump - project added on ID portfolio section
  11. grainstorming

    Portfolio/website Of Thomas Broen (tbroen)

    Hi! Your page works fine with Chrome;) Congrats the feel is quite good, but I missed a bit more detail on the digger project (I suppose thats the one that is elaborated). Such as maybe some more images from different angles of the final design. Also I found a broken link http://10ideas.dk/Globalinnovation/?page_id=622 on the page http://www.creativegears.dk/archives/186 Although I couldnt get every detail because google translate is a bit bad sometimes, I liked the way you describe the design process. Cheers and good luck with your business Pablo PS if you found these comments usefull please feel free to criticise my own web page portfolio....
  12. grainstorming

    Sylvain's Works

    Hi Stylvian, I like your web page, and you are obvously very talented sketching. I also like the idea for the mens perfume a lot. However the "soft" one just doesn´t feel right to me. I don´t know if it´s supposed to remind me of a boob, and I just dont like the colour. The typography is cool though. Feel free to critic on my own portfolio if you want...
  13. grainstorming

    My Logo Design Portfolio

    Yeah... you definately have some experience behind you. I generally liked your logos a lot, some are intelligent and others funny. There was maybe some like the live florida blog or the groove logo that took me a moment to see, but generally great work. Congrats Pablo PD if you wanna check out my webpage your feedback on my personal branding would be really appreciated;)
  14. grainstorming

    Portfolio By Hugo Honijk (just Graduated)

    Hi Hugo I tried looking at your portfolio but the page didn´t load as iff the file was huge... regards, pablo
  15. grainstorming

    Undergrad Product Design Portfolio

    bump: webpage totally revamped!

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