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  1. samantha

    Tree House Camping

    Very Well said.... anyways very nice one..... Good Luck....
  2. It seems bit interesting to me...... I think after completion it looks great.... I like the idea.....
  3. samantha

    Need Advice!

    Hi Thomas, Thanks a lot for suggesting me all this. I really appreciate your concern. But the main thing is that: I am not associated with any of the civil construction company, our main job is house remodeling and extension. I really need advice in that field also.. Looking forward for your suggestions... Thanks again... Regards.. Samantha..
  4. Hi all, I am an employee in a House Extension agency in Surrey. I am looking forward for the good and knowledgeable information regarding the same field, i which I am working right now which will give new heights to my career. I am just a beginner in the field, and want to improve my knowledge, so please suggest me some do's and don’ts of this field, which I have to keep in mind to take the full advantage of the available opportunity in front of me in the construction field.... All suggestions would be appreciated... Regards.... Samantha Jacobs
  5. samantha


    Hi all, This is Samantha. I am from Surrey. I am an employee of the house extension agency located at Surrey. I am new to this forum, searching information regarding House renovation and remodeling. Hope here I will get the good information. Regards... Samantha Jacobs....

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