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  1. sergio

    Nudge Direction

    YUUUU they must have put some clever guy now in autodesk.. they finally understood!! http://aliasdesign.a...ansform_139031/ it is now possible to move CV related to the view axes! sT got it 20 years ago.. but does not matter, well done Alias!! They also understood that selecting every single surface with the trim tool was absolutely stupid when you could select them all with a rectangular selection!! http://aliasdesign.a...tersect_138921/ You can not imagine how many hours I have lost selecting every single face to trim in very complex 3D meshes... I want to cry Guys you should have hired me 6 years ago and I would have got you a 2012 version in 2005! How long do you think it will get them now to understand that sub layers in the object editor would be much more clever than the use of the categories? http://aliasdesign.a..._Object_138911/ let's wait... the hope never dyes wow!! they also understood the magic rectangle selection for the edges in the multiSrf Draft.... that is amazing!! (Rhino and sT were doing it since first version?) http://aliasdesign.a...as_2012_138831/ Do you think guys that they wait so much to add such obvious improvements only to give reasons to upgrade... or are they simply slow to understand?
  2. sergio

    Ergonomic Mouse

    I do not like the vertical mouse design, I think 60 degrees is more natural than 90°. It also look like when u press buttons you will move the mouse... plus my hand would anyway get tired because there is no way to rest the hand on the mouse and there is still the need of using the little finger. In the end I bought the HandShoe Mouse and I completly regret. THe mouse is very comfortable but completly useless when you have to use a 3D program. The precision drops (maybe for the poor sensor system or maybe for the new way of moving the mouse). I feel much less precise. A 30pounds mouse looks a sniper compared to the HandShoe. HandShoe is probably a good idea for accounting jobs not design. Maybe the correct choice was the OrthoMouse but those mouse are too expensive for risk again
  3. sergio

    Ergonomic Mouse

    I have always thought that simple was better, but now that I work on Alias for many hours I am starting to feel the pain of my hand always floating on top of a small mouse to move all day long. I spotted this two ergonomic mouse which looks to me the best out there but I do not know which one to choose: Goldtouch OrthoMouse ( ) HandShoe Mouse ( ) The HandShoe looks to me better because it clearly allow you to rest the hand on the mouse meanwhile you move. The negative side of this mouse is that the buttons are standard and I would instead prefer a third middle mouse button rather then the wheel. So that is why I started to prefer the OrthoMouse which has a big MMB that also allow you to rest the fingers on it and to click the mouse adding extra pressure. The problem with this mouse is that the LMB has to be clicked from the thumb (which I have no idea if it is good or not) and second it looks like the hand will have less space to rest on the mouse has it happen on the wider HandShoe. Does anyone of you guys tried one of this mouse and can tell me if they are worth it and if their sizes does not slowdoen the quick worflows of CAD programs? thanks for any advise
  4. sergio

    Nudge Direction

    The Project MoveCV tool is a great tool for moving CVs in Alias. But some time there are no hulls for the direction we want to move the CV with. It is instead very natural to move the CVs within the coordinate system of the view, but with Alias I become crazy to understand how a movement in XYZ (Global Sys.) can be translated in a movement in the view I am watching. Viewing is infact very important to understand a problem, geometry or CV structure. In many software the movement of the mouse is always related to the global system BUT a nudge movement is activated from the arrows keys which move the objects within the View Axes. In other software again the view always determine the axes of any movement. In Alias the only way to do that is to create a new construction plane based on the view. But this is clearly NOT a method that can be integrated in a fast and efficient workflow. I was wondering if there is an option somewhere that can allow to costrain the move tool to the View Axes. So that I can quickly change my view and so the axes which move the CVs (in a well known direction related to the understanding of the geometry). Thank you sergio
  5. sergio

    Rotate Tool: Rhino Vs Alias

    very true and very pity because it would take nothing to fix the few lack Alias has. Meanwhile for Rhino to reach the pros of Alias would be harder cheers sergio
  6. sergio

    Rotate Tool: Rhino Vs Alias

    Yes.. that is the way then... but still it would be so much quicker with a rotation tool like Rhino.. 3 clicks and you can get what in Alias require 3 tools and many clicks to achieve. look also for the scaling tool, so easy with rhino: with alias the only way to do that would be with the Closest Point Deviation locator (to use between the tip of the hexagon and the blue curve) and move the mouse untill you get the smallest value -patience of job- (because in this case you can not insert a value like the angle in the rotational problem).. like in the stone age. I really hope that Autodesk will make Scaling a Rotating tools Rhino like. For all the rest hurray Alias... and Cyberdemon for the reply
  7. I was a Rhinoceros user passed to Alias in the last year. Alias is great, better than rhino in many things but there is one thing that I always miss from rhino: the precision of its transformation tools and snaps. In rhino the Rotate tool allow you not only to choose the center of rotation but also a point FROM where to move the objetct and a point TO where bring the first reference point. In Alias instead you can just rotate roughly with your mouse hoping that your hand has been precise enough to bring the object to the point you were wishing for... or of course you can enter a precise angle value... but is quite useless if you do not know the angle needed. Sometime is possible to cope to this lack with the Place tool but in other cases this tool is useless. I am going to show an example of what I mean so that you can give me tips on how to achieve the same result I was having with Rhino. Moving CVs I will create a soft Hexagon starting from a Cylinder Surface In Alias when I have to bring the closer couple of CVs back to a position that is centered to the middle of the previous wider couple of CVs I will never be really precise because the movement has to be made by hand. The only way to be precise would be to use a locator but it is quite annoyng to use this process every time. LOOK AT THIS IMAGE FOR BETTER UNDERSTAND: With Rhino instead I can simply choose a center of rotation (like the pivot in Alias) then I select the first reference point (the middle point between the two CVs I want to move) and then I select any point on the line that I know is passing throught the center of rotation and the point I want my CVs to be. It is as quick and precise as it is difficult to replicate in Alias. LOOK AT THIS IMAGE FOR BETTER UNDERSTAND: Uploaded with ImageShack.us How is possible that such a high level program does not allow to do such a simple operation? For some kind of work a rotate tool like rhino would make me save loads of time and it would make me reach a better precision. And the same thing happen with the scaling tool. The Transform Curve tool can help with curves, but not with the rest.
  8. sergio

    Rhino 3D Advance Tutorial

    for free I do not know.. but at Hydraulic Design you can find what I consider the best Rhinoceros tutorials. Anyway it seem like you know quite enough about modeling so I would say to you that the best advanced training is make models yourself. Spot a shape and try to replicate it. Do not think there is some kind of jedi knowledge. just keep it simple. cheers sergio

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