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  1. Hi ladies and guys, I am working in company that is working under contract for Siemens, and we are developing one great project right now. As I am main engineer on that project i would like to have some traces of that project in my portfolio, but I am really skeptic that they will allow me to put anything from it in my portfolio. So main question is do I need to ask for that at all, as they are impressed with solutions we provide to them and they will give me good recommendations, but I would love to have at least few images in my portfolio. As this is my first job in this kind of projects including big companies i am not accustomed with polices about project getting out of office, so I am asking for your advices here. Thank you!
  2. Ivan

    Siemens Nx User Blog/portfolio

    http://cad-unigraphics-projects.blogspot.com/2012/04/wrist-chrono-watch-more-rendered-images.html http://cad-unigraphics-projects.blogspot.com/2012/05/blisk-model-for-cam-free-cad-download.html http://cad-unigraphics-projects.blogspot.com/2012/01/grabcad-mobile-office-design.html http://cad-unigraphics-projects.blogspot.com/2012/01/birdhouse.html http://cad-unigraphics-projects.blogspot.com/2011/11/parametric-plane-wing-using-wave.html Please tell me if you would do something different! ...both in CAD design or blog-portfolio design.
  3. Ivan

    Siemens Nx User Blog/portfolio

    small update: blog page about this model blog page about this model blog page about this model blog page about this model blog page about this model
  4. Ivan

    Siemens Nx User Blog/portfolio

    small update: blog page about this model blog page about this model blog page about this model blog page about this model blog page about this model blog page about this model
  5. it need little more tuning but it is almost finished:
  6. Ivan

    Nx Pmi Tutorial

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWsBS2JIEwI I need CRITICS so I can make next one better, give me all You have!
  7. Ivan

    Aviation Sketches

    I do not mean that fighter plane, i mean others civil planes with motors in middle of wing plane. I can tell only about two of my aircraft models Seagull G4 and Lasta 95, other models are confidential so i can't share any info about them. This is where i work: link.
  8. Ivan


    Your work is great, thank you for sharing. As I see You are professional, can You tell me how do You create one design from start to the point where engineers take over?
  9. Ivan

    Product Design

    Nice designs, I like them as concepts, but as father of small kids I wold think twice to put kids in some of Your designs. Kids need to fell fabric near them, worm materials not plastic and hard surfaces. You need to think more about what people will put inside, and along great design you will have great product. For now, it look more like supermarket chart then baby strollers. Coffee machines look great, vacuum cleaners look great too, all but wheel looking like one, as i think that one is not stable enough. All this is only my opinion, I am not pro designer, I make CAD parts from designs other give me. Can You tell me what you use for rendering images? And do You make models in Rhino or some other software?
  10. Ivan

    Aviation Sketches

    Basically, You have to stop putting jet engine in the middle of wing (put it either below or above wing), as that is something that is not possible with materials we have now and will have in near future. (I work in aeronautical wind tunnel) Otherwise, You have skill, and I like Your work, it is really something i like to design model for wind tunnel testings
  11. Ivan

    My Solidworks Model Portfolios

    I will have to try some better render tool than inbuilt NX render. All this look great Are last two photos or renders???
  12. Ivan

    Check Out My Online Portfolio :3

    This is just my opinion on firs look, so do not take it directly, it is just a way to start CnC about your site. oh... first header of that site is so plain, but that have nothing to do with You. Rest of it look good, but I do not find it interesting in that format. Images are small and when you click on enlarge button it load slow. Maybe you should try to make it again here, i think it will look much more impressive. But if we are taking about Your work, I really thing it look great. Every time i see great designs in Rhino i tell myself i have to try it out. I hope i can count on You for some tips
  13. CAD design by Ivan be blunt with me, what is good, and what need more work!? I will make video tutorials soon (that was one of most popular critics i get so far). Thank You in advance. I will look and comment most recent portfolios of other users, but i do not like to dig up some old topics just to make comment, so please ask me in private message if you like me to look at some particular portfolio topic, and will be happy to do it.

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