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  1. hey... I have put up a couple of sketches and i wanted your criticism about them (the first two are just doodles i did in my free time at the internship, the last one is a page frm my portfolio) . What i am really looking for is to make my sketch presentation more dramatic and i am not too sure how to do that. I also wanted to know if there are any references regarding using photoshop to retouch your sketches, specifically for product design. Sahaj Design Student
  2. hey I have just graduated as a Industrial Designer and i wanted to know whether the portfolio i have made would be good enough for landing a Job. I would love to get your feedback. you could check out my portfolio trough this link... http://issuu.com/sahajghose/docs/portfolio_2012 or http://www.coroflot.com/sahajghose/Portfolio-2012 Thanx... Sahaj
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    whats the last date to post our entries??? i still havent decided...

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