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  1. Aceof1

    apple console

    nah nah nah! you can do better. spend some time really looking at there products. all of these look like something they would maybe accept in the early 2000's. im not trying to be mean but im sure you want someone to tell you the truth. none of these look expensive or worth anything. keep it simple and elagant.
  2. Aceof1

    Aluminium Laptop Design

    what software did you use?
  3. Aceof1

    The 3-In-1 Cap Lamp

    wow, great work. im curious to as what software you used to design this and what your inspiration was?
  4. Aceof1

    Any Ideas Were To Learn?

    I'm very new to all of this, and I just got some autodesk software ( inventor, 3ds max, autocad) all 2012 but i have one big problem...its hard to learn. Everyday i use it i get better but it is taking forever, so it would be great if you guys could list some places that you went to for help when trying out the software. please don't just say youtube, because believe me, i went there. it would be more helpful if you listed links to specific videos there or to websites. i mostly want to focus on designing electronics (smart phone, computers, etc...) so also maybe you know of some better software for that? thanks in advanced.
  5. Aceof1


    Wow, Iam actualy looking at this and writing this on a iPad. Hmmm pros and cons, pro, it works, or at least it look like it actualy does, I could see people buying this. Con, price, I could not see someone paying 14.99 for this. I would suggest making a smaller one, refill price is good, lower the actual on to 9.99 (makes huge difference) also, making a apple series, droid series, etc. For example, a aluminum looking one for the iPad, and one to match zoom tablets. Hope to see any progress posted soon!
  6. Aceof1


    Hmmm, pretty cool, my only suggestion is to make it look a little sleeker because I see this more decorative than practical ( not that it's not practical) keep it simple, and try to make it look like just a single solid part. Then I would be proud to put my apples on this thing lol!

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