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    Sleeve+ For Laptop And Tablet

    The Sleeve+ Clean, slim and functional. The Sleeve+ has an customizable jacket and easy hand grip to carry your labtop and tablet to your destination. Because the Sleeve+ is so compact you can, if you want to, put the Sleeve+ in your backpack or suitcase and use it as a regular sleeve. Why carry your charger if your batterylife is over 4 hours? For more images and info click on the image or here.

    Jonghdesign Portfolio

    Recently updated the portfolio. Portfolio JonghDesign Feedback is welcome!

    The Winner Is Streamliner

    @Cash68 Thanks for your comment. The concept still has a lot of details to be engineered and exploited. Will do soon! @Danhibbert Thanks for your comment!


    For this design challenge it is best to focus on one aspect. Therefor I choose the direction of usage in western countries. The Meet&Eat unit will be updated and further developed this week. In addition to the Meet&Eat unit there is a demand for seating and trashcans so the environment stays clean. In the same design style, a combined bench and trash, table and table seatings. Words or sentences can be used on elements to trigger people to talk to eachother. Often people are shy, so these sentences give them an 'excuse' to speak to someone. Still, all feedback is welcome everyone!


    @waikit @azuro1125 @samban, Thanks for all the feedback! I'll try to integrate them into the concept. Monday an updated design post!


    A meet&eat development update! The concept sketch translated to a basic 3d model. Great way to meet new people and cook together. Still usable for both urban and 3rd world country use. Points of attention for further development: - Refinging the global design and details - Mechanism of the 'roof' sliding system - Energy for the grill and water system - Materials and production - Transportation possibilities Further progress will follow soon! @ Azuro1125, thank you for the feedback!


    MEET&EAT The concept could be use in 2 ways: 1. As a all-in-one kitchen solution for 3rd world countries. One unit could be sufficient for a whole street. The unit would bring people together and save a lot of money because not everyone has to buy a grill, sink, etc. 2. How great would it be to offer a solution for poor or homeless people in terms of socials gathering and cooking. Only thing needed is food. No other tools needed. (integrated in unit) The unit can be placed in parks or open places. The unit can also be used by other people in the park. In cities advertising on the sides could provide sponsor money for example maintenance and production costs. Unit options: - Rainwater collector (in rainy areas) - Unit can be closed - Grill (waste bin inside unit) - Sink for cleaning - Could be a central water point - Posibilities in plastic (rotation molding) - Maintenance needed Of course a lot can be added or minimalised. Please reply your preference. Option 1 of 2? Feedback is welcome!

    Laptop Bag

    Thanks Ricanjo for the feedback. I understand your points of view. I'll take the feedback in mind for further adjustments. Thank you!
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    Bicycle Parking Design

    The first visuals looks best in my opinion. Ideal with a 'gas spring' so the person doens't have to pull the whole weight of the metal cover. Real nice design for example a trainstation placed bike locker. The in between walls could be single sided sheetmetal instead of double sided. Good luck!

    Sreet Furniture

    Nice concept! Very commercial. I could imagine that elderly people not fully recognize the object as furniture. All other aspects are great!

    Bath Concept

    The essence of a proper bath is the shape of the tub. The remaining parts are often covered or build into concrete and tiles. Why not have an lightweight bath with a see through frame which offers more optical space? A big advantage of such a system is that the bath can be moved along with the other belongings when a person moves out of the house.(Plumbing system will be integrated later on) It's a concept, so your feedback is always welcome! See more images here Thank you!

    Laptop Bag

    The current mobility technology provides us the opportunity to use our laptop for over 4 houres without a wired powersouce. "Why carry a heavy bag if you don't need your adapter for the day?" This is a more classy and comfortable way of short travel with a laptop. Go to project images Thank you!

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