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  1. CKNOBoy

    Tree House Camping

    Nice! How did you show it at trade shows? Cad, live model? Is it extremely specialised to make? Is this manouvreable? Just want to ask a few questions to determine how you could get it to production
  2. CKNOBoy

    Adidas Versus

    Le idéa est bon mais le bouteille pour d'eau de parfum est trop petite. Le bouteille pour ca va vide devant de la deoderant. Si tous presenté un petit chambre dans le bouteille c'est un bon et sympa produit.
  3. CKNOBoy

    The Smart Keyboard

    Haha! The weights would be internal and would always be in there. You wouldn't hit your fingers. The weight would be like ballast in a car so therefore would be hidden but with a purpose. Nice idea. Makes the phone bulky though, It would need to be thinner to be commercially viable.
  4. CKNOBoy


    hey I am george and I am studying to be a product designer.

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