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  1. Vijay Boda

    Design Books Recommendations

    Some good quick presentations for product design are available on http://www.engmatl.com/
  2. Vijay Boda

    Product design information

    There are very good books on Plastics Product design & other Engineering subjects at below link http://www.engmatl.com/ Free registraction for downloading.
  3. Can we say ID is for Machinery & PD is for any kind of Product?? http://www.engmatl.com/
  4. Have found some good downloadable presentations on Gear Design & Technology, follow the link http://www.engmatl.com/home/viewcategory/6-gears-technology
  5. This reply is also late but can give some informaton to others I hope. 1. Make the replaceable inserts taper (easy to install), as if installation is from front side without downloading the mould. 2. Design the fixing method. Screwing method is ok -- This is also from front side 3. Ejector pins & Runner location should be exactly same If anybody needs a sketch let me know. I will draw a simple one & send you Vijay http://www.engmatl.com/
  6. There are some good books available on: http://www.engmatl.com/ Most of them are simple ppts & PDFs. Easy to understand. It is free

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