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  1. MiroslavGeorgiev

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

    Hey guys ,finally we hava made the prototype, we have modify it little bit from what is origanally on the renders, but the gyro looks pretty cool and flies perfectly. Here are some pics and video Link for the video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4760017329961&l=3463249565640578553
  2. MiroslavGeorgiev

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

    I don't know how much you are familiar with gyrocopter's configuration. I can tell you that on most of the gyrocopters which are world known, the configuration rear propeller - main rotor is the same as that on my project. You can make look at gyrocopters like: Ela - http://www.elaaviation.com.au/product-08.html ; MTO3, Calidus, Cavalon - http://www.auto-gyro.com/ ; ArrowCopter - http://www.arrow-copter.com/home_en.html ; MagniGyro - http://www.magnigyro.it/ .. and etc.
  3. MiroslavGeorgiev

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

  4. MiroslavGeorgiev

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

    I think the reason about the pixelated background is the low DPI but I'm not sure. I designed the model in SolidWorks, but I use Cinema 4D for visualizing and rendering.
  5. MiroslavGeorgiev

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

    some new renders...
  6. MiroslavGeorgiev

    Autogyro Or Gyrcopter Project...

    Hi guys , I haven't posted on the forum since 2008 when i was last year at the university. Some of my old posts: http://www.productde...__fromsearch__1 Now I work at company that is dealing with manufacturing an autogyros or gyrocopters. We are new company in that business but we are trying to make things on our own way and we hope people to like us. I dare say that the entire project is made by me, but most of the mechanisms are made by my colleague which is mechanical engineer. Off-topic: I would like to show and my 3d anthropometric model of human body that I've made for the ergonomic design of our gyrocopter. The project:

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