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  1. Codarsnacht

    Studio Name Trademarks?

    I've recently decided to rebrand my studio (Part time-freelance) under a different name in attempt to make the name more universal and unimposing. I have a few ideas for names I might use but through my Google searches I have come across many studio names that seem to be repeated across multiple sites owned by unrelated companies. For example, if you search for "Enigma Design" you will see that the name is used as the company name for an Irish furniture company, an interior design firm based in Abu Dhabi (I think), a web designer in Australia and an Interior designer based in New Zealand. Is it simply a matter of these companies not trademarking their names? That they are aware of the repeat but don't have the means or desire do anything about it? A matter of trademark jurisdiction? Or just something I am completely missing entirely? Any input would be greatly appreciated Paul pleasedontsuemeintotheground-design
  2. Hi folks, My name is Paul and at the moment for my final year project I am developing a new form of rapid prototyping machine, with the aim being to give student and young professional designers alike easier access to rapid prototyping technology. I am currently trying to gauge the percentage of design students and young proffesionals who have actually used these machines, knowing from my own personal circumstances that we use these machines very rarely. I have tried to give the poll as much scope as possible for people to explain their personal circumstances, but if there is anything further which you would like to add then please leave a comment below. Any input would be greatly appreciated Paul Whelan | Codarsnacht Design
  3. Codarsnacht


    Hello Folks, My name is Paul and I'm a student of Product Design in the Dublin institute of Technology. I am in my final year of the course and so I am not quite sure why I have waited so long to join here; probably due to the crazy work load we have giving me no free time. I'm hoping to further my skills and help others where I can during my time here, Paul

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