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  1. Sounds interesting, would like to chat more about it. My email is ceri(at)cerialmrott.com
  2. Solar Gazebo: Landscaping embellished with decorative glassware: http://t.co/1guIvw8 via @AddThis. Not the Sunday Times but its a start!

  3. Sloppy Joe bake recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food: http://t.co/k6iAiWC via @AddThis - Looks like a tasty dinner tonight!

  4. Trains delayed and cancelled again #southwesttrains a joke of an operator the only 1 of the 4 companies i use regularly that fail constantly

  5. cgalmrott

    My Inventor Portfolio

    I agree that the rendering engine is a bit dreadful, on your tip I'll try to get hold of the 3DS Max. Would be great to have some better rendering. Is it the "3ds Max Design" or "3ds Max" I should go for? I have not made any models with cables or piping yet, but I guess it'll be in my portfolio in not too long. I see you're working as a product designer, what do you commonly model? Either, they are both pretty much the same program, just some interface differences. Working commercially modelling comes to three main types. First there is component modelling. This may be something I have created from scratch or an off the shelf component that the manufacturer has not released 3D models of. If it is the latter I try to give the work to some students that I am trying to train up - its not the most interesting way to gain experience but it gives money and the understanding of what is involved in product development. I also think it is important to learn how different items interact with each other in a working product. Secondly I model concepts: generally from the component library that I have spent the last year building. Putting together the working parts of the products that my company works with I can see how best we can develop them to design out any issues in previous models or bring in new features. A lot of this also tends to be turning concept ideation sketchwork in to 3D models for secondary prototyping. The final type of modelling I do is modelling for illustration. This takes various forms and could be "product shots" for press releases or brochures, CAD drawings for installation and manuals or CAD support for our various customers. Working in a small department gives quite a varied world when it comes to CAD.
  6. cgalmrott

    Prototype Help

    Hi Clare There are a number of ways for entrepreneurs to get their product idea to market and depending on the type of project depends on how complex the project management would be. That is essentially what this task comes down to is how complex your concept is. If it just a case of designing components and fixtures, hiring a freelance product designer would be your best better. By visiting their online presence you can get a judge for what kind of work they tend to do and how they tend to work. You should also be able to see if they have worked on projects similar to your own. If your project has a number of parts and maybe goes in to more complex mechanical or electrical engineering then you would be better off not wasting your time and going with a product development company. There are a loads in and around London and a couple down Brighton way. Obviously without knowing more about the project it is quite hard to give you any more advice but I live around the London area so if you want to drop me an email I would be quite happy to pay you a visit and give you some proper advice.
  7. Thanks to the random tootarians whose party we crashed last night.

  8. Why does the conductor on my train sound like the librarian from psychoville?

  9. Massive coffee crash... Zzz...

  10. cgalmrott

    My Inventor Portfolio

    It looks like you are coming on well with Inventor, it is quite a good piece of CAD software and has definitely put me in a bit of a pickle for where to put my CAD resource in future years. What I would say is that the rendering engine attached is not particularly good. As a student you should be able to get a free copy of 3DS Max. Autodesk products work almost seamlessly together so you can get some very good results easily from your inventor assemblies. Do you have any examples showing some of the more complex procedures such as cable/piping and parts designed with plastic features?
  11. In putney waiting for a bus. Putney's boring... Ah 37... Not in service. Typical 37.

  12. @#$@#$ you #hayfever I thought you and I had agreed not to get acquainted this year!

  13. Cherry and berry pie in the way...


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