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    Attend The Msc Or Not?

    This new course aims to meet this industrial demand by integrating technology, management, ergonomics, marketing, business and design methods to produce highly qualified and sought after designers able to cope with the challenges the global economy presents. Participants will engage with advanced practical knowledge and skills in product design as well as benefit from established, internationally respected research groups with expertise and experience in scientific developments
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    Universities In Germany

    The University Campus Store is owned and operated by the University of Utah. The main campus store is located on the University's lower campus, the Health Sciences store is located near the University Hospital in the new Health Science Education Building.
  3. The Smart Product Design Lab supports the Smart Product Design sequences at NTU. Smart Products are products whose functionality is increased by an embedded microprocessor. It is superset of the field that has become known as Mechatronics. Embedded microprocessors can already be found in everything from dishwashers to automobiles and more Smart Products appear every day.

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