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    Capacitive Touch Switch For The Disabled

    I just wanted to add that if your project needs a custom interface or keypad, I would love to help. More information can be found on my new company website: www.RapidKeypads.com Rapid Keypads is a Custom capacitive touch keypad and graphic overlay design service specializing in rapid prototypes. Superior to membrane switch, our technology can communicate via USB, Serial, SPI, I2C and other custom communication protocols. I know that some people have great ideas but get stifled with the more complicated electronics and software requirements. I can help you with that. Just email me! I don't want this to come off as spam. I just know when I started out with making small prototypes it was always hard to get past the more complicated electronics and software pieces.
  2. gigawat007


    What a nice simple idea. The best ideas are the simple ones! Good luck!
  3. It was brought to my attention that people that suffer with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease can lose the ability to speak and even lose the strength it takes to press a mechanical button. It is amazing to me that something as simple as pressing a button is difficult or impossible for some people. Let me give you an example of someone that I know... This person has been bed ridden for quite some time now. He is under the care of nurses 24 / 7. To make matters worse, he can no longer speak, he can only mouth the words he is trying to say. Ringing a bell is much too difficult now. Pressing a little door bell button worked for a while, but now he doesn't even have the strength to press the mechanical button. He no longer has the ability to call for help. What will he do now!? I propose the creation of a simple capacitive touch switch that can play a sound through powered speakers when touched. The main advantage of these capacitive touch buttons is that it has no mechanical moving parts associated with it, which will eventually wear out. Nothing needs to be pressed. Just touching the button is all that is needed. These capacitive touch switch sensors are placed underneath any non-conductive overlay materials such as Acrylic, Dragontrail Glass, Gorilla® Glass, ABS Plastic, making them virtually indestructible. This construction makes it very easy to clean, which makes it a very good choice for medical applications. A capacitive touch keypad consists of one or more capacitive buttons. These capacitive buttons/sensors can be copper pads on a PCB or areas on a film printed with conductive ink such as ITO or Silver Ink etc. These sensors are connected to my Fast Touch™ IC. When a button is pressed, the IC measures the increase in capacitance and triggers a response. This is a picture of a simple circuit board that I developed. It has my 16 button capacitive touch controller IC as well as a sound player IC. I can load this sound IC with any wav file and map that audio to any one of my buttons. So, when a button is pressed, it plays that associated sound. This is the proposed touch switch in its plastic enclosure. It is large enough for someone to place their hand on the surface. In this particular case, this is being designed for someone that only has limited use of the pointer finger of the right hand. This person can barely move their pointer finger to the left and right. He does not have any strength left in his finger to actually press a button. A simple demonstration of this can be seen here:
  4. gigawat007

    Show us your wheels

    I just recently finished a frame off restoration of a 1967 VW Beetle! I love this cute little car. It's simple design is so cutting edge even in today's standards! I think simple is better, especially when gas prices keep going higher and higher everyday.
  5. I just read your post and thought about a company I just read about. Go and check www.RapidKeypads.com I think I saw a little single button touch switch circuit board that has a little relay that can turn your lamp on and off. It looks very easy...

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