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  1. Dear Designers:


    Getting in touch again because I need your support!

    We designed a modern and innovative healthcare workstation, that truly incorporates present technology such as smartphones, tablets and touchscreen, and is flexible enough to also incorporate future technology.


    Polar Green llc. , a social entrepreneurship company from Chicago that works with innovation and sustainability in the healthcare field is the company behind this project.


    Right now our project is at Medstartr, a healthcare- crowdfunding site.

    Please, share the link with your design / investment / healthcare contacts since we are looking
    for funding.

    Visit the project at: http://goo.gl/23C4EN


    Once again, thanks for your time and kind attention!


    Designer Marcio Dupont, from Design Research Portal

  2. Hi all:


    I believe it would be very useful, the sucess of the idea would depend of the extension and complexity of the projects. It could start with simple projects and as the site gets momentum and workability , implement later with complex projects.


    it would be interesting if the site displays differents sorts of funding like, from zero, from 50%, together with an specific industry or partner.



    Please visit my site with some alternatives about crowd design at http://marciodupont.blogspot.com at the right column named DIY - 3D.


    Definitely, it is worth a try.




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