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    Sustainable product design, sustainable consumption, sustainable life styles, eco-education.
  1. Dear Designers: Getting in touch again because I need your support! We designed a modern and innovative healthcare workstation, that truly incorporates present technology such as smartphones, tablets and touchscreen, and is flexible enough to also incorporate future technology. Polar Green llc. , a social entrepreneurship company from Chicago that works with innovation and sustainability in the healthcare field is the company behind this project. Right now our project is at Medstartr, a healthcare- crowdfunding site. Please, share the link with your design / investment / healthcare contacts since we are looking for funding. Visit the project at: http://goo.gl/23C4EN Once again, thanks for your time and kind attention! Designer Marcio Dupont, from Design Research Portal
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    Hi all Visit: http://designresearchportal.wordpress.com/ Thanks!
  3. Hi all Just sharing my new design portal http://designresearchportal.wordpress.com Thanks, best, great 2013!!
  4. Hi all New here, I would like to share my blog - portal about sustainable design, sustainable consumption. Please visit: Sustainable design blog Thanks, best to all. Feel free to send me more links, I believe I have almost all!

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