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  1. nosy_wiz

    My Portfolio... Criticism Welcomed

    Hi Waikit, Thanks for the reply. Your comments on the portfolio? Due to few financial difficulties I was unable to be involved in anything. Now that I am free I am trying to pursue my dream. Yes I understand that my background makes me focus on technical point of view and this caused me to be rejected at few universities where they require more art oriented. I am interested in understanding the aesthetics and art oriented influence. I am a bit skilled in pencil sketching and am presently trying to learn about (non technical) design. could you provide me some info in regard to this? I have got admission at Lund University and Jonkoping university in Sweden. Your opinions on the universities? Hope to become an active member in the forum from now on. Reg, Mukund K P
  2. Hi all, I am interested in pursuing masters in Industrial Design. My background in Engineering reduced the number of unviersities that I could apply to. Sweden and Netherlands are the two countries that I came across and I have applied to few univ in the countries, namely Univ. of Twente, - MSc in IDE, MSc in Mech. (design) TU Eindhoven, MSc in IDE TU Delft, MSc in SPD Lund University, MA in ID KTH, Chalmers, Jonkoping, MSc in ID I have also applied for the GIM course in Univ of Strathclyde, UK. It is a management oriented course aimed at the development stage rather than the actual design, but seems to have the basics of the Design covered in the curriculum. What would the scope of this course would be? I am interested in Lund University and would like to know about the curriculum and the scope after finishing from the univ. I have till 8th April for choosing Lund or Jonkoping. Being outside EU/EEA I am eligible for paying fees and Lund Costs 400000 SEK while (47816.40 Euros) Jonkoping costs 260000 SEK (31080.66 Euros). This seems to be quite expensive to the Netherlands option and I am confused as to which to choose.. A little help would be useful if you could guide me. Regards, Mukund K P
  3. Hi all, I have been a long time member of this forum, but haven't contributed in any form of content. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering, I became interested in Product/Industrial Design. I was not sure if my designs would be good or not, not sure if I could contribute anything, hence havent posted. finally taking the courage, I am posting my portfolio, well might not be much, but hope that I can improve on it. I have just started out on these projects and am doing it during my freetime. I am currently working in the Oil industry as an Coordinator. Hope I would be able to improve myself and learn a lot. Your feedback would help me. I am also looking at pursuing a masters in Industrial Design. Coroflot: http://www.coroflot.com/nosy_wiz https://www.box.com/s/lfcyn9vlec9rd5gbzk8z Regards, Mukund K P
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to know about Product / Industrial Design courses in Europe. I would also like to know more about the Master of European Design. I have checked around in the site, but couldnt find any info about, 1. Umea Design Institute, Sweden 2. University of Art and Design, Helsinki 3. TU Delft, Holland 4. Aalborg University, Denmark 5. The Politecnico di Milan 6. ENSCI Les Ateliers I would like to have any information regarding these universities, courses and the scope of doing the courses in these universities. Would be happy to get information regarding the courses.
  5. I am from india. Im very much interested in Product Design and would like to pursue it. I would like to know which are all the best/top universities in Europe that provide this course, and if they are worth it over NID and IDC IIT-B. I also would like to know about the design courses offered by Umea , Sweden University of Art and Design,helsinki, finland Delft University of Technology, netherland Design Academy Eindhoven, netherland AHO Oslo School of Architecture, norway.
  6. I think product design covers the aspect of the development of the form, size and other aspects of the product. It covers the idea generation, concept development and product development only. Whereas the Industrial design covers the aspect of the design in the production process as well as the product aspect also. Involves idea generation to production and branding. This is my opinion
  7. nosy_wiz

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    you want us to sketch a packaging concept or an idea with the eggs? Im not sure i understood the concept clearly. and what are the other details? can u expand on the topic?
  8. Hi, I am thinking of a career in product/ industrial design and would like to know what kind of modeling software are being used and required to be known. I am quite efficient with Solid works, Unigraphics. is it necessary to know NURBS modeling software? I am thinking about learning Rhino, is that software worth being learnt and about its usage in the design community?

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